Hypnotic video of imaginary celebrities generated by a neural net


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This is so goddamn freaky!


And the best part is that none of these imaginary celebrities can get into a scandal that will negatively influence the opinion of their works!


If they’re imaginary, how did they become celebrities?

I need a better agent.


I was going to say creepy.


Ok, it’s about time to launch the EMP devices and start over.


(Oops. Click to view poster for Man of a Thousand Faces.)


“i” needs a better agent.


It’s interesting the way my brain starts to anticipate the face that’s beginning to form JUST AS it takes a sharp right-hand turn into the uncanny valley.


It’s like a scramble suit from “A Scanner Darkly”


So to clarify before I show this to my colleagues, NONE of the faces I see are of a real life person?
It doesn’t occasionally need to “rest” on a real face as a necessary external input before it starts to do its morphing magic again?


Will the real Tally Isham please stand up?


Nope, none are real, it doesn’t morph faces: it takes a big list of slowly varying unitary vectors, and they all turn into faces, which vary just as slowly, rather than morph.
Occasionally it may output faces that are close to what it has seen during its training, but it’s not supposed to do that, and it doesn’t happen a lot: If you take a real celebrity picture, and find the vector that transforms into the face that resembles it the most, you’ll see it is very rarely a lookalike, this means it does not “memorize” faces that much.

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