How to recognize AI-generated faces


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I got 1 out of 6. Pretty sure I won’t be the only meatbag to fail that hard. We are so doomed.

Edit: Did better after reading the article, but was still only pretty sure about half of them. We’re going to need the dogs.


2/6 - I was expecting faces that look like Monkey Jesus, but the fakes are very good.


4/6. I assume that actually doing the test improves the AI algorithm. Kind of like those “spot the signs” CAPTCHAs.

Does the Next button at the end work for anyone? Nothing happens for me, and in the console I see Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'gender' of undefined


I got 3/6. Daggum, those are good fakes.

Next button did nothing for me either.


I suspect it’s an intelligence test. How many times did you click it? I hit it 3 times, which indicates low-normal. Anything over 10 means methamphetamine.


I took the test again and again got 3/6. I only clicked the Next button once this time. 3 times the first time. Does that mean I’m getting smarter?


The next image pops up even before I can click on a button. Seems kinda fishy to me.


4 of 6 seems really good! I got 2/6, read the article, then got 5/6 (all new faces). The computers are getting smart, but hopefully we can almost keep up.


I got 5/6, and I suspect I misidentified a real face as fake because celebrities often give me an “uncanny valley” feeling.


4/6 , but there is no point in learning something that will be obsolete in a few years.


I like this. It reminds me of Sirens Of Titan.


I got 5/6 on my first try, but the link to the article was broken on my phone. I attribute my relative success to having an artist friend. Things I looked for:

Artificial symmetries. NOT any kind of symmetry.
Certain kinds of spurious directionalities. Things that make me feel like the face doesn’t line up with an underlying skeleton.
A certain Putain! Je ne sais quoi.

I will edit when I have a chance to see what the article says.


Ha! I got a 4/6 the first time round, and after the article a 6/6! I can spot AI! (But for how long I really dont know)
those fake faces were soo close to the photoshopped images of people that we see everywhere, our understanding of “real” human faces seems to be really diminishing.


Man, I had no visual cues at all that I could consciously see. I got 4/6 just letting impulsive dark brain click fake or real.

I think if we were allowed to have full size 10x8 headshots we’d do better. This thing is riding on the fact that it doesn’t even have to generate a megapixel worth of data to accomplish its task.


Wow. I got 0/6. I’m glad I don’t have to administer any Voight-Kampf tests.


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