Hypnotic videos of high-tech tractors


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I found these kind of videos fascination as a child, and I find them fascinating now.
In fact I want the job of mowing tulips!

  1. Like I needed another rabbit hole, sigh.

  2. That tulip tractor is powered by chickens?! That’s amazingly amazing!


I’m intrigued by the AHAHAH buttons @2’04" in first video. Is this Nelson’s tractor?


So why are they chopping the flowers off?


I was curious, too.


Ahhh yes. You would think one would harvest flowers, but for tulips you are harvesting the bulbs. Thanks for the info.


Who knew that parsley harvesting required such an amazing machine!?


It seems automatic harvesters have come quite a way. A lot of crops which used to require harvesting by hand can now apparently be done by machine.

It seems inevitable that the use of migrant workers will simply go away and be replaced with machines for even the most difficult produce.

Apparently, Agrobot is already making a strawberry harvester that only picks ripe fruit and there are projects underway to automate apple picking which I imagine will lead to automation of all fruit tree picking.


I live in Washington wine country, which used to Washington Apple country. The problem with apples is that they can only be hand harvested, which is crazy expensive. There’s also a serious labor shortage, some pickers are making $40-50 an hour during the months of July and August, constantly moving from farm to farm getting higher and higher wages on each farm. There’s no question, we’re moving to automated agriculture, and slowly but surely we’re moving to crops that can be automated. Connected to that is the issue of new labor and health regulations for farms. I remember when “Global Gap” started sweeping through (in 2012), putting bathrooms in farms and giving farm workers air-conditioned break rooms. Farmers were offended, but I for one was offended that it hadn’t happened before.


A feeble attempt by the west, with its decadent color, to appropriate finest traditions of Russian film making.


As a child of the American midwest, I look a these and can only say, “Now that’s flat.” And my holiday weekend is better for discovering that there exist such things as compilation videos of carrot harvesters.


I love how some of these big machines unfold from a compact package. The parsley mower is just marvelous. The tulip bulb harvester/washer video is also worth watching if you’re into this kind of thing.

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