"I am not throwing away this mask," Hamilton parody song

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I love the microchip conspiracy. Like that’s even needed when you won’t put down your phone. You’re already chipped, voluntarily.


Definitely. The thing is, some members of my (not so immediate) family believe that particular conspiracy theory and I can’t find any good article debunking it. Most good sources won’t even waste time explaining such a stupid idea and the ones that do are quoting Gates, which of course won’t convince the microchip believers. Also, the fact that microchip conspiracy videos get immediately deleted from YouTube only gives them more ammunition (“they are trying to hide the truth”). Besides the argument that you mentioned above, some other arguments I’ve tried with those stupid members of my family: (1) Nanotechnology is not at that level yet and even if one day we could be able to do this, it is not worth it; (2) A microtechnology microchip in the bloodstream would cause a clot; (3) Some arguments about power consumption and the impossibility of transmitting data. These arguments, of course have failed. Any other ideas?

By the way, great video; thanks for posting Rusty.


The thing is, when not constrained by verifiable reality, none of these arguments are disprovable.
Nano tech not at this level? Not as far as YOU know. They have these secret labs, you see, but they are not going to tell us the public that.

Microchip would cause clots, well they inject it in the muscle you see. This is actually true, they don’t bother to find blood vessels for vaccines. Also see the previous hi-tec lab argument.

Power consumption… could be externally powered, like rfid, by, oh maybe, a new cell service. Hey look a new 5g tower.

Etc for ever.


That was awsome, thanks! You know, one thing I have found amusing is anti maskers argument that this is destroying businesses and the economy. Well YEAH! It sure is. So wear a damn mask and we can bring the infection rate low enough to open more businesses!


What I find amazing is that so many people can simultaneously believe

  1. This disease is a man-made bioweapon
  2. I should take no precautions whatsoever to protect myself or others from this disease

Logic has never been the strong suit of many conspiracy kooks.


Yeah, you cannot have a good faith argument with these and flat earthers (the venn diagram overlaps) when their response to everything you put forward is “But that’s what THEY want you to believe!”.

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So, there is nothing I can say? Is it really possible that I won’t be able to change the view of a family member that believes in the microchip conspiracy? I find this very disheartening. I wish there was a flowchart to follow.

“Reasoning will never make a Man correct an ill Opinion, which by Reasoning he never acquired.” —Jonathan Swift (1721)

The good news is you can still change their minds by secretly injecting them with brain-altering microchips!


A handy set of flashcards would do the job i’m sure.

Seriously though, only you know if you have any hope of getting through to them but the danger is you just reinforce their views. If you watch that flat earth documentary Behind the Curve, you get some interviews with scientists who are quite impressed with the experiments they’ve set up to test the earth is flat but they’re starting with the conclusion ‘the earth is flat’ and working back from there. If the laser gyros give the wrong answers then obviously the test is flawed so next time we’ll seal them in bismuth! Chances are family members who believe in the microchip/5g/whatever conspiracy lack even that basic understanding of science so you’d have to start from the beginning - ‘there’s something called the electromagnetic spectrum…’.

I don’t think it’s worth giving up on them because ignorance can lead to real consequences like not vaccinating their kids for instance and that puts us all in danger.

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Yeah if you find the flowchart, send it to me please. I think the way to go about it is to speak to them respectfully and gently poke holes in their bubbles. “hmm micro chips seems kinda awkward, don’t you think caring cellphones everywhere gives them good enough data.” and so on. If they really want to believe the things you are not going to change minds that way but if they just sorta heard it and kinda believe it, you might have a shot. Otherwise electroshock therapy!

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