"I am starting to regret my vote for Trump" ad featuring comedian David Cross

Wait, who? Are you sure you don’t mean Porfirio Rubirosa?


That seems like more of a Boss Hogg move.

And then just at the moment when the preacher says “If anyone knows any reason these two should not be joined in matrimony…” a Dodge Charger interrupts the ceremony by crashing through the wedding cake.


Indeed. Pre-coffee association on my part.

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The beauty of fan fiction is that you can pair any two people in history together, even when one is a young Southern woman in a 1980s action sitcom and the other is a powerful political figure in 19th Century New York.


That, frankly, all sounds like a terrible idea.

A veto-proof majority is only barely technically possible. There are 33 seats up this year plus two to be filled by special elections due to retirement (Isakson) or death (McCain); Democrats hold 12 of them and Republicans hold 23. A veto-proof majority is 67 seats; Democrats currently hold 45 seats plus Bernie and King, who vote with them, for a total of 47. Based on current polling, Democrats would be doing well if they pick up the 3 (if Biden wins) or 4 (if he loses) seats necessary to get a regular majority. A veto-proof majority would require Democrats to pick up 20 seats, which would mean they’d need to win seats in at least some of Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, and/or hold onto Doug Jones’s deeply imperiled seat in Alabama.

Meanwhile, letting Trump claim victory in another election–especially a disputable one–will give him the opportunity to put more federal troops in more cities to prevent the entirely predictable protests that would come with him winning a second term. Given how the country has largely reacted to his doing so in Portland and DC with a shrug despite it happening during the largest protests against racist police violence since at least the 1960s, I’m not sure I want to count on my fellow Americans to have my back when Trump goes full Gestapo.

Kavanaugh is no longer merely a presidential appointee. He’s one of nine members of a court that is at the head of a coordinate branch of government. He can be removed only by a separate impeachment and trial (or, theoretically, by a judicial process that would likely require all eight of the other Justices to kick him off the court–but that would invite a separate constitutional crisis.)

Even assuming that that’s true–which is no guarantee–the president lacks the power to pardon the numerous state crimes Trump has committed and that are currently being investigated by state DAs.


Between Boss Tweed and Boss Hogg, honestly Boss Hogg is probably the better equivalent anyway.


Yes, but it’s always helpful for the tool to think that you think it’s your friend.

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I think they deleted the abortion thing because as far as I know it has not been proven or even alleged that Trump has paid for an abortion.
Of course I would find it astounding if he hasn’t. The guy had unprotected sex with a porn star while his wife was home pregnant. And then paid hush money to try and keep it secret. So not really a stretch.

Edited to include a comment from a friend:
And that was when he was in his late 60’s.


This guy must have stayed at the Trump Doral.

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Trump is already trying to bypass Congress on everything. I shudder to think of what he might do should he be re-elected. Might as well burn the Constitution because the USA will be gone at that point.

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I ain’t mad.

Fate be a lady, to-…yeah I can see needing some consistency and updates.

sirdigbypollo: I shudder to think of what he might do.

Sieze. Backfire. Find himself some normcore Bizzarro (DC I guess?) fans to rock it out with. Volte-face in a way that makes Satoshi Kawasaki’s evolutionary anatomy look plain and uninventive.

They’re like mini-mooks so they go on sale at 1100 Yen up. (More for the giant fighting beasts book, though getting quality back frills over dino-feathers seems to be going on.)

Start wearing moss on his head so the transition to monument goes vetted. His own brand of keto adult diaper. NO delivery kids (stolen nitrous oxide story, kids to wheel it around grating CPS hardstyle,) a conference overinvolving a Smart Speaker that runs 3 days and sticks. Losing his phone inside a medical device and a hard-fought endorsement of some law of sound transmission that doesn’t really connect with a product line he seems to have wanted to shill. A series of hard limits to what CBD can do for a coherent mind.


The ever-prolific former Republican anti-Trumpers, the Lincoln Project

“Former” republicans? I assumed they were current republicans who wanted rid of Trump. Which does beg the question, who are they and where does their money come from?


I read this out of context and I honestly thought for a moment I had had one of those strokes that affects your language centre and turns everything you read into unintelligible gibberish.


I admit to being surprised. My view of history of the last 50 years was that we went from people still being angry about school integration to voting for the first African American president, from a widespread belief that gays should be murdered to legalized gay marriage. To me the arc of the last 50 years seemed like it was toward tolerance. Even conservatives who were exploiting racist resistance to this arc had to dress up as “compassionate conservatives” by the 2000s. I’m honestly surprised and disappointed (and embarrassed) to find so many of my fellow citizens are willing to accept this man as president. I legitimately thought things were getting better, not worse. I am still having trouble seeing how this outcome is the logical conclusion of anything.


I finally reached the end of that kind of thinking in 2004 (although Quayle should have clued me in much earlier). I was barely willing to accept the nomination of Prince Bush in 2000 as a dynastic fluke, but once he was re-nominated and won a second term I knew that the GOP was just going to keep finding worse and more stupid and ignorant candidates to run going forward.


Here’s the team list:

Includes Kellyanne Conway’s husband, which must be occasionally awkward at supper time.

At this point, every course of action open to us is a terrible idea. There is no winning scenario.

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Great point. That goes for all the Republicans who have “retired” and don’t speak up now. They all want to come back when Trump is gone. " WE were the good ones!"


Yep. The GOP loves what Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump is doing. They just don’t like how he’s so crassly obvious about it.