New Lincoln Project ad calls Susan Collins out as a Trump stooge

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Susan Collins, while reprehensible, is NOT why Cheeto-Face never learns.


This certainly changes my opinion of them. As a group of conservatives, I assumed the goal was to get wavering Republicans to accept voting for Biden, with the side effect of boosting congressional Republicans who might otherwise lose out if Trump turns them off. But if they are going to go after the most David Brooksy of Republicans for sucking up to Trump (as well they should, of course), then I’m all on board.


Great ad, thanks for posting it. As a lifelong Mainer, I can’t wait to vote her out.


Sure, he’s plainly incapable. Which is why Collins excusing her impeachment vote by saying he could is totally craven.


Is this on license plates there?


It’s not just her, it’s ALL the people in Trump’s life who have allowed him to live free of consequences for his actions. But she’s indisputably one of those people.


No, but her never learning is a disgrace.

It’s like the old saying goes, if you have a Nazi sitting at a table talking with 11 people you have a table of 12 Nazis. It’s time to stop coddling people who coddle this asshole.


Ouch. Though to be fair, the Collins team is putting out ads that are great endorsements… of her opponent:


Hi, and welcome to boing boing! Also a Mainer here, and I’m definitely voting against her, but last cycle I admit I was torn. She helped make up my mind this cycle, for sure.

Well, they do say, “Vacationland”…


Their overall take seems to be that the GOP in general needs a serious check. A lot of their pitch has been about the GOP’s failure to push back on Trump through congress. I’ve seen attacks on McConnell, and many of those involved in the GOP’s end of the impeachment.

The line is that the last avenue left for getting rid of Trump, and the only way to save the GOP as a viable party is for the GOP to lose the election. And lose it badly.


Kind of along my thinking. Beyond the immediate Trump problem. These people see the inevitable rift or collapse, and they want to be in the drivers seat after.

They’re right, technically, about Trump and the GOP’s future. He’s gotta go, they gotta change. But we’re talking about George Conway, a bunch of life long GOP political strategists, and people from John McCain’s presidential campaigns. Basically a group of people who long for the “integrity” of the George W Bush days. Or who just want to still have a job in a few years.

Not exactly confident they’ll bring a a seismic ideological shift to the Conservative movement.


I entirely agree with your sentiment. The Lincoln Project’s website says: “The founders of the Lincoln project have spent over 200 years electing Republicans.” which is not a great endorsement in my view.
I mean what did they think in 2008, when the Vice Presidential candidate was Sarah Palin?
At the time we thought Republicans could not sink any lower.


Two of the founders worked on that campaign.

Which come on. You were one of the people who thought that was a great idea and now you’re going to modernize conservative ideology so it appeals to young people, the non-insane, and minorities?

To a certain extent it rings of those BIG PLANS to make Latinx Americans a core constituency for the GOP. Which is a great idea. But involves staking out policy positions that actually appeal to those people, rather than targeting them. And largely boiled down to the same refusal to actually govern we’re seeing right now.

But at least they are targeting whoever the fuck is vulnerable and have decided to throw money behind tanking their own party’s chances. Explicitly. Short term that can only help. Long term I doubt they’ll have much impact.


Someone tell all the do-gooder liberal advertisers that stock footage of Portland shouldn’t be standing in for “Maine.” Honestly, how do they imagine that reads to the people they’re trying to convince?

Hey whim. You seem confused. The Lincoln Project are not do-gooder liberals, they are a Republican organization.


Seems like they’re opportunists cynically capitalizing on team blue’s terror. Like, they’re crafting a product to draw in donations from liberals, which makes them practically indistinguishable from the “real” liberal advertisers.

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Where else should they show? Everyone in Cabot Cove is dead…