I can't recommend you watch 'The Suicide Squad'

Well, apparently the low box office take (for a movie also released on streaming, during a pandemic) already has people calling it a flop. So it seems less likely we’ll be seeing more of this - and by “this” I mean movies of this series, R-rated comic book movies, and a dependence on certain directors to bring in the money…

How about just telling the stories people actually want to see? It’s worked pretty well for Marvel. R-rated superhero movies can be fun (just look at Deadpool) but they can get tiresome really fast.


I suspect all the Marvel movies released this year are also going to be considered flops. I think, on top of everything else, people are feeling a certain amount of “superhero fatigue.”


No doubt - if you’re not accounting for streaming. Almost like most people still aren’t ready to go to movie theaters en masse. This is part of why Scarlett Johansson is (rightfully) suing Disney over her cut of the profits for Black Widow.


On the other hand, they’ve been saying that since the first Avengers movie, so… I think Marvel’s doing okay.


Ooof. Rarely if ever comment on movies – but watched this one Saturday night and, oh my. It was unforgivably bad. Just nonsensical BS, often incoherent, visual silliness stitched together with trash (or often not even stitched together at all). Kinda like a committee decided to riff off of “the Deadpool vibe” by pitching random moments on index cards, threw them all into a hat, drew them out at random, slapped some DC IP on that, and then filmed it in the order they came out of the hat. Oh, and when it was all over, when the “heroes” have saved the day by blackmailing the evil intelligence lady so they can make their escape, they all pile back into the Osprey she sent so that they can voluntarily go back to jail, presumably. Because how else are they going to ride over the burning city before the credits roll. What a stupid mess.

The poor cast deserved so much more.


Yeah, the streaming is throwing a wrench into things, as it destroys traditional metrics of “success.” Even the studios probably don’t know what to make of their own numbers.

Though Marvel ending their “Avengers” period just as the pandemic hit created an undesirable gap between that and their follow up “phase.” I think that’s hurt them - the momentum is gone.


Well, I can only speak for myself and those around me. The Disney+ series they’ve released so far have all been excellent–Loki especially so. We’re all on board for wherever they go next. I’m genuinely curious how they’re going to handle the story ramifications in the feature films.


The last time titles impressed me more than the movie itself, I was watching Richard Donner’s “Superman” in a movie theatre with real curtains in front of the screen. Everyone gasped as the projectionist pulled the fabric curtains back dramatically, as the show began with the screen size expanding and the movie’s curtains seemingly projection-mapped on the moving fabric. By “titles” in this film, I meant the ingenious chapter headings embedded within the movie’s digital sets. Bad sign, of course, that they’re the best thing. Otherwise, yeah, “Suicide Squad” is not necessarily an improvement on the first movie.


Relying on the streaming shows creates its own issues - most people who watch the films don’t have Disney+ and if they use it as the basis for what’s going on in the films, they risk further alienating the audience. At best they have to tread the fine line of creating movies that reference - but don’t rely on knowledge of - the shows.

Not like Marvel has a great track record of this to begin with. “Who is this person and why are they here?”, “What do you mean you didn’t watch the TV show?? Some fan you are.”

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I think it’s more likely that the movie theaters as an institution are going to disappear in the next ten years, and not just because of Covid and its successors. The theaters were already struggling to make ends meet well before all this, and high-speed streaming is becoming more available.


Fuck yes it was. Four stars, would watch again.


Yeah. I found it strange that Jason said everything in the movie could be found in the trailer, and yet befriending the rat was the best part… I think there’s maybe 3 or 4 seconds of Ratcatcher II in the trailer?! And nothing whatsoever about her powers. She was a surprise to be sure.

Also, I tend to avoid trailers since they give away so much, so I happened to enjoy the movie as a bit of lighthearted fun.


I almost hate to admit it, but at this point a majority of the movies I watch are on flights. I find it hard to sit through anything.

especially the awful weasel guy.

I do have to say… as a transspecies individual and a furry (two completely different identity classifications btw), The Weasel was nothing like the source material.

I hesitate to use charged terms that have been historically used to describe various forms of discrimination, but it very much feels that the character was intentionally misrepresented for comedic effect due to their species.


That’s too bad. I tried to watch Aquaman again… just comes off as mediocre compared to Marvel Universe. As a kid Batman was always my favorite (I’m 40). I wish that DC movies were made as well as Marvel. Don’t get me wrong I loved the Dark Knight series, and The Joker. But the rest are hit or miss.

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It sounds like you won’t miss anything at all. So no, you never have to see another superhero movie, but who in the world is making you?

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Okay, waiting for the bargain bin DVD it is.

Peer pressure.

Or possibly Jean Grey. Hard to tell.