I fixed my tweet-bots

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Dude I loved Col. Sherman T Potter as a kid. Something about his voice.


Horse hockey!


Where did you manage to get a list of the dialogue? Scripts?

A series of tubes known as the interwebs.


Too young to remember Dragnet, I guess. (the TV show, not the Dan Aykroyd movie although he did have a cameo)

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Yes. Though I knew he was on the show.

I used to love Harry Morgan but I’ve been unable to enjoy any of his work ever since I learned he beat his wife. (I know, separating the art from the artist and whatnot.)



More text because disucss wont let me just type “aw”

Right? Makes it a lot less fun to hear him chew out an underling when you realize the guy delivering those lines might have followed up the bluster with actual fist blows.

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I’m going to try really hard to ignore this fact, though it should disturb me. Here’s my reasoning:

  1. The man in question is dead. Ain’t gonna make any difference at this point
  2. Any difference we could make only affects the residuals, which presumably are still going to his family. It would be unfair to visit his conduct on them – again.
  3. I loved the character, and his portrayal. So la-la-la fingers-in-ears la-la-la I-can’t-hear-you.

I hadn’t considered it before, but you’ve hit it on the nose. Such a sweet voice, so far removed from someone who could have stooped to [la-la-la-la-la]


If I can suspend belief that Star Trek’s warp is based on magic crystals, then I can do the same the same to enjoy a character, even if the actor isn’t a good person.

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