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Darn, I just remembered Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake and I’m getting a bit choked up.


Major, don’t yell at my bird.


Oh good. I hear Twitter was suffering from a shortage of pointless chatter.


When Henry died, I cried.


The twitter account had me at sufferin’ sheepdip. Followed.


What this here BBS needs is some Robotic Cattle.


Am I weird in preferring Colonel Potter, BJ Hunnicut, and Major Winchester to Colonel Blake, Captain McIntyre, and Frank Burns?


RADAR!!! Poor Col. Blake! He deserved a better ending!

I still have the shirt my sister and I got as kids for the series finale. It had radar’s bear, and the name of the finale… “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen”… And the weird thing is that my dad had gone for his 2 weeks in Korea when it came on.


Like who you want, I say!


I like both Trapper and BJ. I like Potter better as Col. Tho I loved Blake! Burns was a better character than Winchester.

Radar did a better job than Klinger.


HORSE HOCKEY! They don’t have enough Potter-isms!


I think BJ felt like a more fleshed-out character than Trapper John. I liked that BJ had no interest in cheating on his wife. That might have been part of what made me like Blake less than Potter too. Burns (or rather Larry Linville) I appreciated a lot more after rewatching the series a few times. Burns’ descent into insanity is much more interesting to watch when marathoning the show.

My preference for Winchester comes from him being a more sympathetic character than Burns. He also learned from his mistakes. When he gave expensive chocolates to the kids at the orphanage and found out the guy in charge of it sold them, he was pissed off, thinking that the guy was being greedy. Until the guy in charge of the orphanage told him that he sold the chocolate so he could feed the kids for a few more months.

Absolutely. Klinger did have some good moments though.


I agree but the counter-point to Hawkeye of BJ vs the clowning of Trapper? BJ was great at practical jokes but he was too methodical and brilliant, Trapper was more mischief. I enjoy them both and think they serve the Hawkeye of their time very well.

BJ did get involved with other women, but it was far more romantic and human. Trapper was out to get some.

I love how both of them played off Hawkeye. Charles grew as a person while Frank went insane. Different people and different phases of the show. The later years with BJ, Charles, Klinger and Potter lost the whimsy of the early years and really were quite tense and involved a lot of more believable, less caricature like, growth in the characters.

Cause maybe Hawkeye is television’s high-water mark. He is one of my absolute favorite characters of all time. I love early Hawkeye and watching him transform over the series.

I’ve been watching it again. I’m about 16 episodes into Season 1 right now.


MASH is the show that I put on when I feel like watching something but don’t know what. I have that big complete series box set, but I also have it as a bunch of MKV files so I can drag the folder into VLC and hit random.


Burns’ descent into madness was well done, but maybe what I loved most in the series was the development of Major Charles Emerson Winchester from a haughty Boston brahmin into a sensitive and sympathetic (though still often grotesquely funny) character. Three cheers for the always-excellent David Ogden Stiers.

So now I want to watch the whole damn box set again.


Anybody remember when Harry Morgan first appeared on the show as the, seemingly, unwitting racist Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele?


I bought a couple episodes on 16mm film a few years ago, and the guy threw in an extra episode. It was that one. Sad face. On the upside, his desk was another episode, and that’s my second favorite.


Klinger looked better in a dress, though…


YES! I remember that, actually.

MASH was on for, what, 11 years?