I just died a little when

I watched the finale episode of Battlestar Galactica (2009). They totally flubbed it, and ruined the watching of four intense seasons. How embarrassing.

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Phew. I had been thinking ‘huh, maybe I’ll rewatch Battlestar Galactica’ - but you’re right. The ending did suck.

You just saved me a lot of hours, appreciated.

I reluctantly gave the pilot episode of Caprica a shot. I knew it wasn’t going to be something I’d watch as soon as they brought up the whole monotheism/polytheism thing again. They pretty much beat that theological horse to death about 20 times over during the course of the Galactica run.

I died a little in the final episode of Godless. Did they REALLY have to descend into just another ridiculous, violent, “spectacular” shoot-em-up spectacle?

Eh, the show went way off the rails already with the season 3 finale. I couldn’t be too disappointed by the time the end rolled around.

Be sure to check out the short webseries about Gaeta. Just as good as the rest of the season.

“The Plan” isn’t so bad. It felt like they desperately needed to do something to justify “and they have a plan” in the opening for so long, and to compensate all those poor folks who were roped into playing Cylons for so many seasons despite getting minimal screen time. But it neither really adds nor detracts to the series as a whole.

Blood and Chrome is thoroughly skippable.

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Yeah, it felt like season 4 went into some kind of odd overdrive. Frack.

In entertainment value, it did recover and achieve some kind of buoyancy right up till the last episode. I think they may have blown the budget on the fx in the run-up to finale on earth. Then it just became stupid.

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