I love these Coconut Keto Clusters

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Looks tasty, though it’s a bit weird that they’re selling it as a “keto” treat, given that three of the ingredients are sweeteners, only one of which is low-GI.

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Complete side note:

I tried a keto diet and lasted only 2 weeks because the brain fog and never-ending nausea became overwhelming (yeah I know, if I were to stick with it, it would eventually get better, but my job was starting to suffer because of it).

One VERY interesting and long lasting after-effect: it cut my flatulence by like 75%, in volume, frequency, and overall stank. I’m guessing it was one of those micro-biome things; starved a bunch of the right kind of carbohydrate eating bacteria.

Went through a bag of these recently. Surprised at how good they were. Not totally keto, but they didn’t seem to affect my glucose levels too badly.

Mrs. Shiv has been keto for about 18 months and loves it. (I tried, but my sweet tooth won.) I just wish there were local (to us) places to get treats like this, instead of Amazon

As written in the post: Costco is where I found them.

Yeah, we don’t even have one of those. :man_shrugging:

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