I miss the single column BoingBoing

I miss the old single column layout BoingBoing used to have.

Now when I read the main page I find it difficult to prioritize which column to read. I accidentally miss articles entirely because I can no longer browse in a linear fashion. I’m forced to bounce between two columns and the rows aren’t even aligned with each other.

Should I zig-zag? Should I read the first column and then go back to the top and read the second column?

I’ve noticed that my brain tends to focuses on the left column, and just ignore the content in the right column.

Does anyone else share my frustration?

single column layout

Here it is: http://boingboing.net/page/1

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I understand it, but I don’t share it. I like the fluffy off-the-cuff bloggy content to the left, and long form thoughtful stuff to the right.

Thank you & bookmarked.

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