I searched Google Patents for the toilet paper patent

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And note, the patent clearly shows that the loose end falls over the front, NOT down the back.


At last, a rejoinder to the burning question of the ages! I fervently hope that we have reached the bottom of this conundrum, and that this episode will bring to an end the attendant unseemliness associated with the uncertainty and misinformation promulgated in regard to this matter.


An unsung hero who deserves to be recognized with a national holiday. It should be on a Friday before a Monday holiday.


I will never understand the evangelical zeal of the overhanders. You hang the toilet paper the way you want at your house, I’ll hang it the way I like at my house. Everybody’s happy.

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I agree that that is the appropriate way, but I have heard the convincing argument that if you live with cats (or maybe other animals or small children?) who like to play with the roll and unspool it, the backwards way will help prevent it from spilling all over.

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My cats figured that one out very quickly. I keep the bathroom doors closed and the TP in the vanity. The spool sits empty. :wink:

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True. I’ve got a freestanding roll holder like this: (https://www.amazon.com/TomCare-Dispenser-Free-Standing-Roll-Storage-Accessories/dp/B07XPNG5B5/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1U7IVUH18ZSUZ&th=1) , so you can turn it either way depending on your own personal preference.

Plus the patent doesn’t actually mention whether the loose end hangs in front or behind the roll (relative to any wall), and the illustration doesn’t show it either.

You can also discover other wonderful patents like this one from Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller fame :slight_smile:

For some reason, Google patents doesn’t have the images of long since expired British patents. I find myself using google patents as an index, and the looking up the actual images at https://worldwide.espacenet.com

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It always amazes me that this debate even takes place (I know, it’s mostly tongue-in-cheek of course). However: it takes just as much effort to turn the roll around as it does to replace it when you’re in a in a home inhabited by inhuman, delinquent, slovenly monsters that have the actual temerity - nay, audacity - to hang it with the end facing the wall.

Granted, their lives are not worth the price of the paper you’re about to use, given their proclivity towards casual evil, but how hard is it to just reverse it so that it faces front as directed by all things Holy and God himself?

Nothing, I say. Let them sneer and simper all they want about how they see the world in reverse colour and deed, and simply right the situation with a simple gesture we often perform without even thinking about - knowing that our place is secured in paradise whilst they rot in the belching bowels of Hell.

The solution to their crass, craven, and slovenly ways could not be easier and should never be the subject of debate.

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