I sort of know this guy

Matt Lasner was a professor in the history department at GSU until 2011 - smart guy. He writes on the built environment and urban and suburban housing:

I didn’t know him well and never had a class with him. I think he’s off twitter now. Here is the NY Daily News on the incident.


I saw the article on Jezebel - I still haven’t totally parsed out how I feel about it.

On one hand, I’m fairly okay with the notion that anyone who is so thoroughly complicit in the Trump victory, and subsequent graftapalooza, has pretty much forfeited the right to go out in public without being mocked mercilessly.

On the other hand, seeing this theory put in to practice makes me pretty uncomfortable

soo. . . fuck. I don’t know. I have no idea how to handle Trump and his crew


Agreed. The comments on Jezebel run the gamut to “not helping” to “she purposefully went coach to get this kind of reaction.” I began to read the TMZ comments and after a few ran away screaming.

I’m sure Lasner will get into hot water and he’s already deleted his twitter account (so I assume he drew some abuse).


More details from another passenger:


It’s not like she is going to be affected by the coming destruction of the country. She doesn’t care in the least about the “little people”. Still, acting like a Trump supporter does feed into their delusions that they are victims here.


If her presence really disturbed him as described, he has let himself get emotionally invested in the election in an unhealthy way:

[Passenger in front of Ivanka] explains the man noticed Ivanka, said “Oh my god. This is a nightmare,” and started “visibly shaking.”

ETA: It seems that the person overracting was not the professor, but his husband.

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Anyone with anything to lose is “emotionally invested” in the election, our administration is “unhealthy” for gay persons, women, immigrants, anyone who’s not the 1%…


Ordinarily I’d agree with you, but I think he got emotionally invested in this election in a very healthy way.


No. I didn’t say anything about the degree of his investment, only the nature of it. Of course anyone with a social conscience or love of country should be involved and committed. However, if your reaction to seeing someone related to Trump is to get the vapours, then it is time for a self-reevaluation.

Anger is a perfectly valid response to someone whose family (and emplolyer!) sees you as subhuman,


Sounded more like a PTSD response, actually.

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That’s possible (and of course PTSD is not incompatible with my “in an unhealthy way” description).

As you know, we had a regular here on BB who allowed himself to get so deeply invested in the election that he had omnidirected meltdowns (and got himself suspended for the next decade as a result). He got justly angry, it ended up being in a self-destructive manner, but rage in such circumstances doesn’t seem too abnormal to me. By contrast, I find the guy in this thread a little sad.


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