Trump sours on Kushner, wishes his daughter married someone else

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So much for the asinine “he can’t be a fascist because his daughter married a Jew” theory.


I’m sure at least part of his going sour on Kushner is that the dim-witted son-in-law doesn’t live up to his stereotype of the “little guy with the yamulke” who’s a money-grubbing sharpie.


More than a few people consider Benjamin Netanyahu to be a fascist.


Drumpf seems to get annoyed with low level graft. It sounds like he’s more annoyed that Kushner is only hitting the government up for $500M.

“Hey, look, I don’t know how long I’ll be here. You need to move faster, steal more. The clock is ticking.”


I can’t think of two people who deserve each other more.


How utterly and completely unexpected. Who knew that nepotism results in incompetent people being given jobs that they will be hopelessly bad at?


Mafia bosses don’t hire family because they’re the most competent. They hire family because they’re the ones least likely to rat to the FBI.


Trick Bag:

“We had a fight, then you got mad;
Got on the telephone–called your mom and dad.
Dad said, “She’s my daughter and I’m her pa,
And you ain’t nothing but a son-in-law.”


Aw hell no. Brady didn’t get to where he is by making bad decisions.


Yes, it is hard to believe that a rich-kid real estate doofus hasn’t been able to solve the Mid East’s nagging little problems, streamline the government, and handle all the other softballs Trump lobbed at him.


Trump: Jared, you’re in charge of making peace in the Middle East. They’ve been struggling against each other for decades. No previous administration has made any meaningful progress, but I feel confident you’re just the man for the job.

Kushner: Uh, thanks, I guess.

Trump: Also, we’re moving the embassy to Jerusalem.


Yes, but we don’t deserve either of them.


Kushner’s dad was a crook just like The Imperial Creamsicle. Big one, too… But got careless and got busted by… Chris Christie when he was a prosecutor. (As NYC jews, they were also Democrats by default). It was Jared that made sure Christie came in for maximum humiliation when it came time to handing out jobs, as revenge for putting daddy away. See, Donnie probably LOVED that. Vengeful? Petty? Viscous? Come sit by me, dear boy!

But you know… If you’re made, you gotta earn. Little Kush has been too busy looking out for Kush and not zealously triggering the libs on the Twitters. It might be time for him to go for a hike in the Pine Barrens.


Whereas Papa Kushner went to prison for getting into some grafty stuff, you can see why 45 is disappointed at the sil’s lack of grander ambitions/zest for deeply shitty behavior, just based on what Papa did to his own sister (“Kushner was angry at his sister’s husband for cooperating with the federal government in its investigation of him, so he hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, videotaped the liaison and sent the tape to his sister.” From TRD article linked below):


I still don’t understand how Kushner ever managed to get his security clearance (I wasn’t aware the president can say, “I know he’s failed all the background checks, but give it to him anyways,” which is the only possible way that could have worked). I have a better understanding of how he’s managed to stay out of jail from all the lies he told on his application though, given the current White House occupant and how the Justice Department is working.

Yeah, that’s no doubt a big part of it. But ultimately it comes down to perception and the kind of press Kushner is generating, too - Trump wouldn’t mind how incompetent he was if the press was fawning all over him. (And, conversely, would have a problem with him even if he was super-competent if the press was still bad.)

To be fair, he and Ivanka wouldn’t have been able to handle any softballs lobbed at them, either. They’re pretty far out of their depth.


Amazing how when a black ex con has a son everyone condemns said son and says apples don’t fall far from trees and that the son is destined for unscrupulous behaviors in adult hood because there’s a pattern of criminal activity in the blood line.

But when it’s a white guy and his son…the son doesn’t have to pay for his dads crimes.

I wonder why that is? /s


Too thick and sticky to go with Trumpty’s faster flow.

(Vicious. Sorry, it was too good to resist.)


No, he got there using special really expensive underwear.