Kushner, unaccustomed as he is to public speaking

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C’mon Rob, you can do better than shoot the messenger for their delivery style.


I’m not going to defend a member of the Turmp Clump against ad hominem attacks, but – like with that stupid covfefe thing – picking on mild, morally neutral personal flaws runs the risk of praising with faint damnation.

I mean, let’s focus on the actual content of his voice debut, where he’s trotting out the popular dinner-party-moron talking point about the Department of Defense using 8-inch floppies. That’s a known marker for end-stage technological nincompoopism.


Apparently not…

They’ve both got a voice made for literature.


What? For starters, his voice is, at worst, on the high-pitched side of the normal spectrum.

Second: Since when did it become ok to attack people for their innate physical traits around these parts?


He seems quite sweet. A bit like an Aardman character.


What happened? You used to be better than this.

Why do you give a toss what he sounds like? And if the boot were on the other foot, you’d be outraged. And justifiably so. This has nothing to do with anything; it’s a scummy story, worthy of Breitbart.

Why not focus on what your government is doing. There’s plenty to cover there.


yeah, this is a big case of who the fuck cares. i have a “weak” nasal voice. so what. i can’t help it.

[tbh: this reminds me of a little when people discreetly complain of women’s voices on the radio, picking them apart for this and that.]


Nothing to see (or hear) here; move the hell on.


Ya, lets focus on the ugliness on the inside, like his slum lord tendencies and whatever the hell he was doing with back channels to Russia using their equipment to hopefully avoid any surveillance or accountability.

Also: His venture capital firm is a big backer and owner of Slack and GitHub - avoid them. Mattermost and GitLabs are the open alternatives.

ps: superficiality aside, his voice sounds fine to me. Are we saying the only “real men” have a certain sounding voice? I prefer to not reinforce that stereotype.



i don’t often find myself sharing the same ground as i_b but here i am forced into it by the banal idiocy of the criticism. get a grip mr. bechizza, from everything i’ve read abraham lincoln had a high tenor voice that would not have been very suited to the politics of television.

and again, this.


I don’t write much here, but I read quite often. If I didn’t know that Boing Boing staff is quite computer savvy, I would say that someone hacked Ron’s account to make him look bad with this post. The same news could have been given with just a different spin: mass media mocks Kushner for his voice, but listen to what he says , or something along these lines. That would have been more in line to the local zeitgeist.
This of course IMVHO.


Are we all disappointed with Boing Boing?


I’m fine taking my lumps from y’all for mocking what someone sounds like, but nothing here is “innate” – they are reflections of what Israel_B correctly points out is a style of delivery. Kushner’s voice is that of someone who has never learned a skill—public speaking—that for most people in his position is an absolute requirement to progress. Someone with no public speaking skills is now perhaps the second-most powerful politician in the country. It is remarkable, in modern America, that he kept his voice so quiet, and that it is so unpracticed.

So I’ll cop to Israel_B’s criticism, but each of these…

…bring something new to the table.

If you think someone with a naturally high-pitched or soft voice cannot project power, or convince, or impress, you never sat in front of Steve Jobs.


I guess I could put that point in the post though lol

It’s all about the roar.


Lord Adonis is an expert in something? Other than coping with a name that saddles visual expectations on you that you just can’t live up to?


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The clickbait textbook would prescribe

###You’ll Never Believe What Jared Kushner’s Voice Really Sounds Like


Well, congratulations. You’ve made me feel a little sorry for the guy now.


Did anyone notice that the broadcast news clips effectively did this? The BBC has what, 30 seconds of vacuous build-up to the Big Reveal? If it was local news they’d split the segment with a break!


Agree, the main takeaway is that not only wasn’t he prepared, he didn’t even seem to realise that he had to prepare. The incompetents lack any sort of support. No one wants to tell them that they have no clothes on.