I think the Joker's henchman put his car up for sale

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I don’t know, the taupe actually works really well with that purple. Lovely car.


Bring A Trailer is my internet rabbit hole. i hit the “Watching” star on a couple of cars every week. one day maybe i can buy one.


392ci Hemi V8

That car never met a gas station it didn’t like. But nice hot rod…


i like the purple it works well for the car, but the interior is really plain. Kind of disappointing just how plain it is. They painted the engine bay but couldn’t be bothered to trick in interior out?

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BATMAN 1972 ~ Vehicle Edition!
Concept/Art by Francesco Francavilla

More concept art!!! Here


Looks like one of the cars from Saint’s Row III.

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The 392 “Early Hemi” was only made in 1957-1958. The second generation “hemi” engine was introduced in 1964 as a racing engine but the first production cars did get them in 1966. So the “early hemi” engine is not a very period correct engine upgrade for a 1967 car.

It’s a cool engine but I would rather see it in the nice Chryslers and Imperials that it was originally powering.


This guy did some great Shadow covers. Love his retro style and colors. I haven’t figured out yet the origins/meaning of his signature, though.


Who puts taupe on a car, and why? Did the owner think “Hey, I really stepped out with that purple, how do I tone it all the way back down?” It is a waste of purple paint.

Probably something like, “Hmmm, after that purple, I really should save some girls for the rest of them.”

Rainy mud country? Makes splashes less conspicuous?

I think they tried a little with that radio head unit. Problem is it completely clashes with the rest of the aesthetic. Needs to either go or be stealthed.

Here I was thinking henchman drive a 1987 Nissan Stanza, like Henchman 24


I had to Google it. It looks like a “boring” car. Only the protagonists get cool stuff…

It’s a running gag in the Venture Bros which is the best TV series ever made.

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“It’s got a villain motor, a 392-cubic-inch plant. It’s got villain tires, villain suspension, villain shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.”


Does the cigarette lighter work?


I feel the owner likely has blonde braids and uses the n- word inappropriately.

Had a Valiant AP 6, Australian made with American parts. I swear it burped every time I filled it up!



Didn’t you read the description?

finished in two-tone gold and purple over a beige interior

Maybe they’ve got a really bad camera. Or maybe they’ve got lower standards for what passes for gold in Connellsville, Penn. Surprised they didn’t claim the interior was gold, too.