I was seriously attracted to the human female host of this creepy children's TV show


Dunno, always thought she looked like a sack of potatoes in that outfit, it did not flatter her. Now, 7 of 9 could pull off skintight, plus stiletto heels.


Hey, takes all kinds. That is one of the joys of being a person.


You know there is like an unofficial Bea Arthur fan club here, right?


Whaddya mean, UNofficial? :wink:


Heh, some day it will be codified into the bylaws. But until then it’s like Donalding or Kit Harrington… Ing.

(Elbaing sounds kind of rude :upside_down_face:)


Carp it, you’re all Elba’ed.

Able was I, ere I saw Elba

How can you not love Bea Arthur? She’s the only (human) female that could challenge Grace Jones in a battle.

Come to think of it-- the show “ER” always had the most beautiful people-- George Clooney, Goran Visnjic, Linda Cardellini, Parminder Nagra, John Stamos, Mekhi Pheifer, Ming-na Wen. . . the list is long. Whoever did their casting was very good at their job.


Bea Arthur v grace Jones. Pay per view, battle of the wits. Narrated by Attenborough.

Gold mine.



I think we all agree. Out of frame, Bea shot first.


So which Doctor is that? That is the Doctor I mentally identify with, but never watched other than as a super young kid so I don’t know his #


Tilly sisters - definitely teh hawtness


Indeed - biker chicks and sporty girls…


Tom Baker, #4.

Here is my scarf. 18 feet long.


Ha, I remember now. I had a crush on Denise Crosby / Tasha Yar, was devastated when her character was killed at the end of season 1.


Me too. I am touched she became a brief part of of my life, in the way she did.

I’d totally nerd out with her, and look fabulous together.


But seriously…


TAKE RIKER! :fearful:


Man that is the archetypal Star Trek planet surface set. Just add creature and crew, adjust lighting to taste.


Big surprise, the guy who uses a photo of Commander Data for his profile had a crush on Tasha Yar. :wink:

I loved how the fact that Data and Yar had “relations” comes back in that episode where Data has to prove in court he’s not just a machine.