I Went Home For Lunch Today and... ( 🌭 )


Made myself corndogs this time. Seasoned just the way I like them.

:tomato: Hate the Chef, love the Condiments :hotdog:

They’re covered with cornbread, right?

How about maple syrup?


You’re thinking of these:



Seems messy though.

I’m a staunch proponent of the application of ketchup and mustard prior to each bite.

Becomes a bit of a ritual. Squeeze of Ketchup. Squees of Mustard. Bite. Enjoy. Repeat.

Pinky finger extended of course.


For best results, use a syringe to inject the ketchup before cooking them.


I see you there, trolling. Everyone knows that until they are fried, a corndog is still a hot dog, and as such must not be sullied by the taint of ketchup.


yeah, I’ve seen those, and not been tempted.


Really? Nothing about solid ice blocks of mystery meat breakfast on a stick appeals to you?


Swirl and dip, just like the giant condiment bowl they dished from back in the grade school cafeteria.

Akin to this:

But larger, and more horrific.


Dagwood dogs!


Mmm. MMMM. No need for a corn dog, I’ll just use the spoon.


I think in those days I probably did. Today that would be a terminal case of heartburn.


But they’re so sweet already!



Depends on the cornbread composition.

Everyone knows real cornbread is savory. Not sweet.


corn dogggsszszsz

i like mine stickless and tiny


this, this! a thousand times this!


You know, people are critical of the Texas educational system, but clearly there’s something right with it.


Corndogs and ketchup? I’m…not sure I know you anymore.


Corndogs don’t use real corn bread either, it’s a batter made of cornmeal. You make is sweet so the batter crisps up nicely in the short frying time.

Don’t… don’t tell me you like soft corndogs…