Check out how the Koreans do corndogs

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They cook the stick as well, very sanitary. Dump the spicy mustard on it and call it done!


That looks delicious (minus the ketchup, which NEVER belongs on a hotdog) and it looks very cool, too.


This looks horrible. A churro batter is like a doughnut. This is a hotdog wrapped in a doughnut with sugar, catsup and mustard. Yuck!! This has taken the corn out of corndog. It is a doughnut dog.


I don’t think that is ketchup. They usually use a sauce that looks like ketchup, but tastes more like a spicy barbecue sauce. It might be ketchup mixed with something else, but it’s definitely good.

ETA: Also, the type of sausage that they use is a bit different from a hotdog. It looks the same, but the inside is different. It’s not just a mass of pink mystery meat.


Yeah but nobody wants to eat something called dog nuts, so they went with corn dog.


Gochujang? That’s new to our fridge – I call it “nuclear ketchup”


Yea, I’m familiar with what you’re talking about - Gochujang, my wife is Korean. That looks like regular ketchup to me, but I could be wrong. Still, I like just spicy mustard on my dog. :slight_smile:


And @sdmikev

Thank you for telling me what it’s called! I always eat those corn dogs whenever I go to Korea, but I’ll be sure to stock up on some next time. The corn dogs themselves have become all the rage in Japan these days, too, but they are rather pricey here…


This is what makes Boing Boing so great!


I keep some in my fridge as well, i need to add gochugaru as well to my pantry which is the powdered version. I also keep meaning to get miso and black bean paste and learn how to use them :slight_smile:


I guess it depends on how you define a “corn dog”. But I don’t see any corn here.

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Thank goodness there’s no sign of the devil’s condiment (Mayo)


I admit to watching a lot of “Korean street food” videos with total fascination. Normally they seem like things I’d want to try (even if they’re appallingly bad for you). But these are… oh boy. I mean, I was trying to figure out what that first dough was made of, and it finally penetrated my skull that Jesus, that’s a churro. Right down to the sugar and cinnamon. The second is pretty over the top, but then… is that the sugar again? WTF? (Seems like the kind of abomination you’d only see at an American fairground.) Towards the end of the video, they’re dipping the dogs (and shrimp) in some cubed material that doesn’t seem to be cheese - tofu of some sort? Some sort of processed meat/seafood cubes? I can’t tell what it is.


Oh, that one I do know. That’s gamja (potato), which apparently has been pre-fried already.

Imagine that but the hot dog has been replaced by just a block of cheese. Or better yet, a hot dog plus a block of cheese. There’s a place here that sells them like that, and they jokingly call themselves “Zero Calorie.”


There are several ‘on-a-stick’ type items in the video and one is essentialy as you mentioned just half the hot dog with a big block of mozzarella cheese added. The really interesting one to me was the one that incorporated an entire Black Tiger Shrimp.

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The harvest festival Chuseok is sometimes called “Korean Thanksgiving”.

Chuseok is commonly incorrectly translated as “Korean Thanksgiving” in American English despite the holidays being vastly different in origin and celebration.

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I know some furries that might disagree…

although it looks interesting and i would like to try it, the cornmeal batter is what makes the corndog, not the churro dough shown here. also with that thick wrap i wonder how well the dog gets cooked, because the crust’s shade looked a little pale to me. might be tough to fully steam that dog without burning the churro. but i am likely wrong – this is a sophisticated delivery system and they probably know what they are doing. all the sugars, sauces, etc you can keep. i’ll go with just the mustard.

Maybe you should move there.