I went to Eminem's new Detroit spaghetti restaurant

i would hazard to guess someone approached him, and he thought, “hey, why not?”


closest to mom’s I’ve ever had, south jersey, jersey tomatoes, say no more.


i can one up you! musician themed sauce! image


14$ for takeout spaghetti? That’s like 13.50$ in profits.


Eminem wrote a lot of Dre’s lyrics to be fair.

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In explaining the name of this joint to my wife, I pulled up the lyrics of the song just so I wouldn’t misquote. Then I realized, after all these years, that the song is punctuated at points with the Michigan “ope!” That’s the most excitement I’ve gotten out of this restaurant…which I’m not knocking because I’ll definitely try it next time I’m over on that side of the state.


During the opening credits for Futurama, one of the advertising billboards is for a product called “Bachelor Chow”.
That is what I think of when I see “food” like this.


This all just feels cynical

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How about good on Eminem for bringing jobs to Detroit?

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What world do you live in?

Pasta out of a can?

A good lasagna is brilliant… I take 2 days to make a lasagna… the rague/bolognaise is the 1st day. Rolling the pasta, making the Béchamel and assembly/ baking is all on the 2nd day.

So simple and yummy.

Just take the time and the simple things in life become the most beautiful and wonderful experience. This works for spaghetti too.

Just take the time.

In our house it goes like this.

Sometime between 4 and 9pm my wife asks what do you want for dinner. Then I say I don’t care what do you feel like and then she says not really sure then I say you’re cooking make whatever you feel like then she says how does spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread sound? Then I say that’s fine.

I get the bread and meatballs out of the freezer, she boils water and opens a jar of sauce. Fifteen minutes later we sit down and have dinner.

That’s pretty simple and it’s a wonderful experience sitting down in front of the tv eating fresh spaghetti with the woman I love.


“Bachelor Chow” is what we call it at our house when we eat boxed, pre-prepared, frozen food for dinner.



There is even a Binging with Babish on how to make it!


Yep, I agree, there’s that too

Not to mention, there’s probably a shitton of people in line for that restaurant from out in the 'burbs who hardly ever venture downtown except for hockey or to cross into Windsor (as a kid that was the only times we went downtown!)


As someone who eats a lot of pasta already, going out for spaghetti isn’t much of a draw. And spaghetti sandwiches sounds like some real trailer park shit (ok, legit for Eminem I’m sure) like potato chip sandwiches or fried balogna.

Downtown Detroit is really turning around, but your right, I have plenty of freinds and family that think we’re crazy for going downtown for any reason. It’s safe with lots of restaurants and now with all major sport teams playing downtown it’s pretty fun just about any evening. I can’t wait til covid passes and we can get back down there.


I moved to Atlanta about 15 years ago and I have not been back to Detroit, I have heard good things and I would love to visit when Covid is over. My kids probably need to experience a hockey game (we don’t even have a NHL team here anymore!)

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I haven’t gone to a game at Little Caesar’s yet, but I hear it’s a very nice facility. Crossing my fingers we can go to the Great Lakes Invitational this year - college hockey at a decent ticket price at the fancy NHL rink and you can get beer.


When you get around to it do your best to stay as low as possible, as you go higher the seats get steeper and more crowded and start to get uncomfortable. But it is an awesome arena.