“I Would Love To Live In A Country Where…” perfectly encapsulates the 2016 election

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It’s not really 50% of the country; it’s 50% of the voters who actually plan on showing up on Election Day. Voter turnout is historically dismal, but if more people participated, we probably wouldn’t be in a situation where the hatemongers would have so much power and be able to play dirty to gain more. The more diverse the people who vote, the less likely politicians will be able to make gains by promising to single out groups of minorities to destroy. They’d instead work to get everyone’s vote and represent everyone in their district instead of playing up to their firmly entrenched base.


I want ot live in the Canadia part…


I would love to get rid of countries.


Ironically, so does Jesus…

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Hey, leave Florida out of Jesusland! Maybe cut it off and call it the Conch Republic.

Would it be possible to donate Alberta to Jesusland? At least Alberta’s white people?


That’s something you and Trump have in common. Hopefully your way is more peaceful utopia and less nuclear.

Seriously red states…

Even ARI-FUCKING-ZONA apparently gets it (though just barely)…
You’re more ass backwards than Arizona. Just let that sink in for a moment…

And do I even have to mention Florida?

C’mon red states. It’s almost embarrassing…


The map is looking pretty good right now. Would be hilarious to see Texas flipping though.


Sorry, but the oblique accusation against Bill Clinton of rape is a wee bit over the line. Also the attempts to paint Hillary in a negative light for trusting her partner.

I’m with John Scalzi here: either Hillary really is innocent and all the smears are unfounded, or she’s such a goddamned mastermind that she ought to be president so that she can put her power to use for us.


The thing that pisses me off about that is:

BILL CLINTON ISN’T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. So what he did is a fucking irrelevant deflection, and means that whoever brings it up has already lost the argument.


…in large part because half of your state governments are actively working to suppress the vote as much as possible.

Even before the recent wave of blatant abuses, voter suppression throughout GOP America was established to a degree that would be shocking in most other countries.

You’ve got people facing multi-hour queues to vote, on a workday, in states where the bosses can fire you for asking for time off. I’ve never voted on a weekday, and I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes to do so. American voting conditions are a deliberate voter suppression effort, not an inevitable hassle of democracy.


Well, you know that thing people say:

“If voting changed anything, they’d outlaw it”

It turns out voting does change things, and the Republicans are working as hard as they can to outlaw it.


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