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I missed this on BB whilst on vacay, although somebody else pointed out the mashup to me.

By marvelous coincidence, I had just started to lay the groundwork for my son to lobby to watch the movie, as my spouse’s opinion of the film needed a certain amount of momentum to overcome.

And, ultimately, he watched it twice. SWEET!


Yay! There’s hope for our next generation.

(Unless your kids in his 30’s, in which case you might be a wee bit over-protective.)


You must make sure that he gets filled with the proper knowledge…
I believe that the this graphic is the latest suggestion from the Dept of Education to ensure a properly rounded education:


Programming languages and Jacobean revenge tragedies are conspicuously missing from that graphic.

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I look forward to someday seeing a restored version of the film. I have find memories of watching it on TV in the seventies. At new year’s, I believe.

I think that the comic books section is actually an elective. The other option that I used was to reduce the volume of the social skills zone.


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