Identical twin drugged brother, left him in cell to escape prison


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I wish I had a twin.


I’m glad Trump doesn’t.


Don’t even think about it, @Otherbrother


Yep. I have a brother who’s that level of asshole, and we’re not even twins. Nothing to gain.


Calling BS on this. Most likely twin was voluntary, guards participated. I don’t see how you can have a prison visit and go through all this hoops without any guard noticing. The drugging story is probably to avoid an accessory charge.

There, I said it.


Reminds me of the prisoner ‘switcheroo’ scenes in the film “After The Fox”.


Yep. And how did the prisoner acquire the sedatives.


Planning on one of you being incarcerated at some point?



Nah. That’s Peru for you: brother or not, the other brother wanted to visit his mother. There’s nothing which could motivate one more.


I think he does. Twin Trump is the one that keeps saying racist stuff and sleeping with porn stars. The Real Donald™ would never do that stuff!


Don’t give the National Enquirer any ideas.



I was just going to ask if he went after the gold of cairo in the year he was out.


As half of a pair of twins (non-identical, unfortunately) who don’t get on particularly well, I think I applaud this guy’s reprehensible ingenuity!


Made me think of ‘The Prestige’.


Came here for Oscar Bluth references. Leaving satisfied.


That’s some next level evil twin shit.



That’s actually the easy part :slight_smile:


This might be rather clever. The free twin knows that when he’s in, he can show his prints and prove he’s the wrong guy, and get out again. The imprisoned twin knows that once he’s out, he can hide to avoid recapture, and God knows that being in hiding is better than being in prison. So they switch places just long enough for the convict to slip out and lay low, the non-convict blames it all on the sedatives and gets out, and now both of them are free. Cunning, if true.