Brazil prisoner who almost escaped in 'teen girl' disguise is found hanged to death

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my first thought when i saw this story the other day was, “but what about his daughter? he was ok with just leaving her in his cell? why was she ok with this??”

and now today i’m thinking, “suuuuure – he must have just killed himself…”

brazilian justice at work, amirite?


The article mentions that this is an embarrassment for them. They were proud of spoiling his escape and this puts a damper on it and draws attention to the poor conditions there. So, seems likely that he just gave up. His alternative was surely to face some pretty harsh treatment for a long while after the failed escape.


Surely they will release you if you end up in prison without records? Even in Brazil?

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i’m sure it’s an embarrassment for them, but even in the US problematic prisoners just suddenly and conveniently “commit suicide” too.

what i meant was, she knew this was the plan and she went along with it? let’s say he got away with it. then what? it’s not like the authorities were going to just let her walk away… i mean, now she’s an accomplice.

from the Guardian:

Reports on Monday said the 42-year-old drug trafficker had been moved to solitary confinement but was unlikely to face extra prison time since his unsuccessful bid for freedom had not involved violence.

His daughter, Ana Gabriele Leandro da Silva, who had remained behind in the prison as part of the ruse, seemed to have been less lucky.

According to Rio newspaper Extra she will be charged with abetting prison escape, a crime punishable with up to two years in prison. Seven other visitors – including a pregnant woman suspected of smuggling the disguise into the jail – are also being investigated.

So did he hang himself because he felt guilty that his daughter would now also go to jail or what?

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