Idiot drivers fight for the middle lane


Maybe they were kissing, and their braces grilles got stuck together.


It’s kind of sweet, how they’re sharing like that.


Anyone who knows what Boston’s Columbia Road rotary is like at rush hour will know that this crazy-ass crap here can happen to otherwise normal people.

I will never go through that rotary again unless Virgil takes me through on a visit to Satan.


It looked to me like the driver in the white car is the aggressor, while the minivan driver was being obstinate.

If that’s the case it’s still unwise of the minivan driver to not just give a crazy person that worthless victory, but the minivan driver would at least be less at fault.

I do find myself disappointed that the video cut out before I could see the driver. It would likely have ultimately been useless info, but I still really wanted to see their face and just have some information to create some story for why they were being the way they were.


It’s a free for all death match!


That’s what I was hoping.


I lived in Beijing. That’s normal.


Of course one of the vehicles has a stick figure family on the back window. Of course.


…in other news
anyone looking for a locksmith


Every time I see someone driving like they are the most important car on the road, I wonder about their day-to-day driving experience. Do they drive like this all the time? How can they actually function on the roads if this is indicative of their normal driving habits? What happens when they meet another driver who drives in the same reckless and selfish manner?

I suppose this video sheds some light on the last question, even if it doesn’t address any of my other concerns about my fellow motorists.


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