If Facebook is down, don't call 911



My brother is a dispatching supervisor for an affluent suburb. One time he had a call asking for a cop to come by and stand guard over the caller’s new Corvette.

Then there was the call from a resident who needed roadside assistance - in another municipality.

And then the call reporting one of “them” was walking down the sidewalk. You know, “them”.

So yeah, we all have our priorities.


Where I live there are billboards and signs on bus benches that advertise a number for non-emergency calls. They even have sort of catchy slogans like “Missing person? Call 9-1-1. Missing purse? Call 862-8600.”

It’s useful, although I can’t imagine what a headache some of those non-emergency calls must be.


I had a client recently tell me her neighbor uses the ambulance like a taxicab. I would imagine that gets expensive after a while… don’t they have the regular kind any more?

I never thought about NYC’s 311 in that light before, but that must be what the idea was, to siphon off all the noise complaints, heat and hot water complaints, etc… from 911.

Easy Bay Area?

Sounds like a good place to go to get laid.


[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:50860”]
“One caller even called back to tell me I was being rude because I told her it wasn’t a life threatening emergency.”
[/quote]UNLIKES 911 PAGE


Orson Welles said in an interview that he used to do this to get to the many radio gigs he had in a day, that it was the only way he could make it across the city in time.


The taxis must not have figured out ambulance drafting yet…

Even if they did, there was probably no assurance of securing a taxi at certain times of day.

I used to ambulance draft in my messenger days, but I eased off when people had begun to mistake me for an ambulance-chasing lawyer,

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