'Got a toy phone for my kid. Here's what happens when you dial 911 on it.'


You’ll never guess…

Clickbait titles in my Boing Boing? Impossible!


And… a completely useless GIF!

It looks like they are pressing 9,1
Really, what’s the point of that without sound?


That word has fallen out of use for so long, and yet it seems the law enforcement profession is determined to have us bring it back.

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Please cut the click-bait. Ugh.

1 is the pig. It’s not responding to 911, it’s just playing the animal for that last number pressed.


Just another bad appl… wait hang on…

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it’s all part of the toy industry’s liberal agenda to undermine traditional family values. they’re in it with Hollywood, i tell ya!


No, Xeni, I guess I never will.

That isn’t very nice. Most 911 operators aren’t cops at all… and 911 includes EMT and Fire Departments.

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I guessed! What do I win?


A bad apple.


Dig up a Teddy Ruxpin phone. Nice design, just looked like a modern style stand up telephone. I found it amusing that you could program it to ring at some time and if you didn’t leave a message Teddy Ruxpin or some other character would leave a message. You could call him back and randomly get his voicemail.

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Were you required to click through several times to read the entire article?

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