Watch what happened when a man playing a shooting game accidentally dialed 911 while boasting that he "killed two people" (video)

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How do you accidentally dial 911 when you’re playing a game? Sigh… am I going to have to read the story to find out? I can’t imagine how, though.


Ditto - but evidently it did!

Unless this guy intentionally did a “prank” on himself for the views. But, Jesus H Christ, I can think of better pranks that don’t run the risk of being shot by the cops.


If this genius wasn’t white he’d have found out what it’s really like to get shot. Waving around a mobile phone like he does when the cops show up is a bad idea.


Some phones give access to an emergency dialer via lock screen. Not sure if it’s still like this but when phones had real keypads you could dial local emergency number (911, 112, etc) by holding the number 9. In some phones this number was painted red to highlight this function.

So maybe Elijah’s butt only had to touch the screen twice to call 911.


the police showed up in two minutes ready for a possible active shooter situation. The friend claims that the police searched Elijah’s house for hours

No doubt searching for something else to justify the call-out. Or was it a quiet day?

I mean, it’s a ten minute call at best, surely.


My son plays that particular game and “doubles up” on his audio - earbuds for his phone (so he can communicate with his team) under over-the-ear headphones so he can hear what’s going on in-game. It’s possible this kid fat-fingered his phone while trying to dial-in a new team member.


this is why i don’t carry my phone in my back pocket. on the other hand, i’m glad they took it seriously and were there in two minutes.


this is NOT OK. sure, law enforcement heard that people were killed and dispatched police. fair enough. but what happened after? did the the operator simply hang up and move on? more likely she stayed on the line and realized no one was killed but let the raid happen anyway.



How about the voice assistant on the phone?


A friend of mine is a former 911 dispatcher, and they hate stuff like this. It wastes a huge amount of resources and someone else may very well have died because those resources were otherwise occupied.

Phone makers should eliminate those 911 shortcuts from lock screens and such unless someone can demonstrate that they’ve saved lives. Butt dialling 911 is actually quite common, as is people calling 911 for incredibly stupid reasons.


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