If The Beatles wrote “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division

Holy shit, Man or Astroman put on two of the greatest live shows I’ve ever seen. The first one featured a theremin lit on fire (way, way too much fire) and a Tesla coil that was so gigantic it almost touched the ceiling and sent bolts well out over the heads of the crowd. Second one featured a dot matrix printer playing a “song” written in ASCII to hit different notes and original My Little Pony figurines that dropped out of the ceiling as the entire band ran up and played atop the stage monitors Kiss-style. Also, I got one of the best pieces of merch ever from them; it was a baseball shirt with the NASA logo modified into a MOAM? logo.


I’d be more interested in hearing a Revolver/Sgt. Peppers-era cover.

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How can I possibly vote this down any harderer? This is terrible and lame.

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