If they'd given Commander Riker his own Star Trek spinoff show, it would not be as good as this


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/unless it was your transporter clone.



Give me “The Riker’s in Space” anyday:


It’s ALWAYS a transporter clone/accident… but this is Riker we’re talking about here so all bets are off. He was like Capt. Kirk’s sexual ego, or whatever, split off and made flesh!


I just enjoy watching his weight fluctuate in those clips. I hope he has finally made peace with his inner fat man.


Some have to make peace with their inner fat man.
Some have to make peace with their inner little boy…

…and those who won’t, for those things may go nuclear…


Is Riker’s middle initial actually canonically T? That seems like a rather unlikely coincidence. Unless he changed it purposely to up his Kirkosity.


Yup, it was Thomas.

His Transporter Dupe Clone took his middle as his first.


Only a few more generations of technology before it will be feasible to create the only way we’ll ever see a continuation of the Enterprise-D’s ongoing mission. And fully immersive VR not long after that. Firefly also.


Never cared much for Riker but this clip changed that.


The spinoff I wanted to see was Worf, Data and Barkley discharged in disgrace and off on a Firefly like nomadic existence to find the ultimate Mcguffin. They were the only characters on the show who didn’t seem like they were perpetually on Prozac and actually had internal motivations and were frustrated sometimes like real people. Riker was a tool. Imagine a real naval officer who would turn down a promotion, never mind a command.



First you’d have to imagine a navy that didn’t punish people for choosing to remain where they believed they could do the most good, rather than striving to be promoted to their level of incompetence. Most modern navies do the former, but I can imagine that Starfleet might be wiser.


I wanted this walking-the-universe spinoff too, but with Quark and Gul Dukat.

BTW Scroll Down to Riker


Speaking of weird shit, this strange promotional film from 1993 is making the rounds.


I’m sorry, this spinoff contains no footage of The Riker Maneuver, his patented method of sitting down in chairs. It is therefore invalidated.



All of the TNG edits are amazing. The guy who makes these is an underappreciated genius


My fav is the old joke of “I’d hate to be the Yeoman who had to clean Riker’s quarters. Because you know that place is constantly covered in lube and body hair.”