If you are a podcast co-host, here is the sleeveless top you've been waiting for

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Podcasts aren’t…
and also…


But, but, but… it’s not a black top!


Late stage podcasting?


So, if I wanna host a podcast, I gotta show the world my armpits? I guess now, I have two reasons not to get into that.


It’s the co-host bit that cracks me up. Women, know your place.


That descirption made me vomit in my mouth.

To be fair, that item isn’t available, and the description does match another version…

ModCloth has always done quirky titles for their garments, it’s part of the brand. This is in the same line as other pieces called things like “Broadcast Coordinator” or “Marketing Maven.” A lot of them are puns. Some of them are eyeroll-worthy.

On the other hand, Walmart bought them out a year or two ago, so it’s probably all gone downhill.

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late stage e-commerce

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Is there a word I can use for “podcast” which does not use apple nomenclature?

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Hmm, never thought about it. Aha…Wikipedia provides this

Other names for podcasting include “net cast”, intended as a vendor-neutral term without the loose reference to the Apple iPod. … Some sources have also suggested the backronym “portable on demand” or “POD”, for similar reasons.

as well as some history of the word and trademark issues around use of it.

Oooh, I like it!
It will look great with my 24 carat blockchains.

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I’ll just stick to my “bedroom guitar youtuber” dog collar, but thanks!

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