If you bought shares in all the companies Trump trashed since taking office, you beat the market


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NPR’s Planet Money program tried to demonstrate this with their BOTUS bot (https://twitter.com/BOTUS) They only programmed it to read from Twitter though, and only made $.086 on the project.


A lousy “president” giving lousy advise. Who woulda thunk?


It’s the true Trump Bump!


Eh, thinking that correlation doesn’t equal causation here. Or are people suggestion that others are actively investing on companies he mentions?


Why would the companies Trump hates (momentarily) be called the Swamp? Trump loves the swamp. This is the guy who hired the CEO of ExxonMobil for Secretary of State for chrissake.


After seeing that Walmart had given their employees raises and bonuses, and Trump crowing about how his tax cut had made this possible and how wonderful Walmart was, I immediately thought “okay, what’s the real story? There must be some BS here.”

Yup! They tried to be quiet about the fact that 63 Sam’s Clubs are closing. And wouldn’t you know it, the money they say they’re saving adds up to about the same amount that they’re giving Walmart employees.


Annnnnd imagine that, the price of oil is rising.




On the downside, this adverse response is just more evidence the GOP will try to use as part of his “too incompetent to be corrupt” case to exonerate him when he’s finally brought up on whatever fucking unenforced crime he’s committing by trying to influence investment in companies like a fucking mobster toddler


This is consistent with his career in business, as well. All of his investing and management skills grew his wealth at a rate slower than the economy.

“Therefore, he will be a perfect reverse barometer.” (General Custer, Little Big Man)


It certainly ought to put to rest any lingering rumors that Trump is a competent businessman.


I’m thinking that it’s not quite easy to plunk companies on one side or the other of this index. Take Boeing - criticized publicly on twitter, but the administration has given it its full weight in a trade dispute with Bombardier of Canada (probably the main reason Boeing’s stock has risen).

In Trump land, companies are willing to take a bit of abuse in order to reap the benefits.


The best revenge is living well?


No, no, no. You’re treating “swamp” as if it had a fixed meaning. It’s whatever Trump wants it to be, it’s whoever and whatever is in opposition to him at any given moment.

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