If you enjoy photos of weird and failed food, here are two sources for you

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When I saw this I couldn’t stop myself. Sorry


Sure. That’s how people reacted to pineapple on pizza at first…

…and they were right!


Decent prompts for ‘what is around for dinner tonight?’


Most of these look good to me. I must have bad taste.


Boy, a lot of the r/shittyfoodporn just make me feel sad. Not so much weird food experiments gone wrong, but lots of stuff made by people who can’t cook and/or had incredibly limited ingredients.

I’m a fan of 70’s Dinner Party

I once made macaroni and cheese using vanilla-flavored soy milk because it was all I had on hand. And forced myself to eat it because it was still about 15% edible. I’m getting a lot of that sort of energy looking at these.


In my country any pizzeria sells more flavor options than an ice cream parlor, some of them sweet. Honorable mentions: tuna, Portuguese (cheese, ham, onion, eggs), strogonoff, chicken hearts and banana… with eggnog.

Most of them are good, I promise.

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I was so surprised to read the title of yours. I thought “Really, Is there somebody enjoying photos of weird and failed food?”. Then, I scrolled down and be interested in how brave you are when you said you’ve already eaten some gross food. I myself made the line with this because at first sight, these weird food made bad impression on me. Then, it definitely disagreed with me. But after reading your post, I tried to open links you provided to see those food and yah, I totally agreed your opinion: " Some foods doesn’t look terrible". Thanks for your post, it definietly tastes me haha

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