If you want Nazis to stop bugging you on Twitter, it helps to be famous


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Golly gee, guess everyone will stop using Twitter now.

Or not.


Late-stage capitalism.


“it helps to be famous”


The most importantness Nazi in the World uses twittler, tRump.


I thought this was obvious to everyone. Notable people who have spurious complaints against them get cleared and reinstated within days, while everyone else who gets buried under complaints, spurious or otherwise, are lucky if they ever get their account unlocked or even a response from the company. Meanwhile Nazis and trolls are left alone as long as they don’t harass anyone notable.

Soylent Green Is People



I imagine that Twitter has some incentive to pretend to care; because network effects generally suggest that a ‘social’ thing is super doomed once it stops being the place you go because other people are there; but I can’t imagine that most low priority Twitter accounts bring in enough ad money to pay for more than a tiny amount of human attention(even less if they are just fobbing it off on whoever at HQ draws the short straw; rather than using offshore moderation sweatshops).

This estimate puts the average revenue per user at under 60 cents a month; with low priority accounts probably being below average. Given that they can’t seem to turn a profit in any case; it’s not a huge surprise that you’d get such excellent service for the money.


*and a straight white male. Some restrictions apply. See also: Leslie Jones.


Nazis don’t bug me on Twitter because I cannot find the will to use my account, and haven’t in a long time now. Who needs the pain and frustration of letting trolls into our lives?

If Twitter can’t or won’t fix it, then they will have to do without me.


That’s sort of my MO. I have an account on there but i primarily use it to tweet stuff out for the odd contest, but i really don’t use it. It seems like its a cesspool and frankly i’m fine not using the platform.


Without Twitter, our president is just some idiot who rants to complete strangers in his underwear.


How the strangers got in his underwear, he’ll never know…


He’s exactly the same with Twitter.


You wish. This is still just the warm-up lap.


Yeah, so, fuck Twitter.

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