If you want to test CBD’s impact on your health, these gummies could be the answer

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Umm so these are meant for medical study? Are controls with thc and with neither thc or cbd also available?

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CBD might be beneficial ?

And you just happen to have some for sale?

Take our money !.

I was reading something about marijuana and the sort of incurable (but controllable) disease I have, but the details were missing, some video was over the most important part.

If it’s good for your health, you might as well enjoy the fun part too. People have been claiming is valuable for decades, and nobody was separating the medical part from the fun part.

Besides, if you are suffering in some way, if tge medical part diesn’t help, the fun part may leave you feeling better.

Even better if both parts give you a boost.

Sound life advice, I adhere to as often as possible.

I’ll bet it turns out that any health benefits of the CBD are more than offset by the main ingredients: corn syrup and sugar.

That kind of applies to everything.

Sodium and potassium are good for you, but with some medical conditions they have to be reduced.

I reacted very badly to one pill last fall, but it keeps the wolves s at bay. Luckily there was something else that works the same way

I’m on low dosage blood pressure pills now, “may cause dizziness”.

Is the good better than the bad? I’ll take sugar over everything, any day. Medical advice isn’t absolute, everyone should be deciding whether side effects are worth it or not, decide whether living a certain way for a longer time is better than missing out on some things.

I ate very little last year, being sick and then three montgs in tge hospital and three months in rehab. Diet restrupictions, but also I’ve not eaten meat in forty years,which becomes a liability in the hospital. It definitely impacted on how long I was inside, and was recursive since the longer I was there the skinnier I got. But eating animals was never an option, from the time I gave it up in 1979.

It’s our bodies, our health, we should be making the decisions.

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