If you're looking to ditch your vape then you need to check out the Genius Pipe

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Unless your goal for ditching the vape is to stop smoking altogether…

“If you’re looking to ditch your vodka, then you need to check out jello shots.”


Given all the negative news, most well evidenced, is it wise for BB to be promoting this sort of this even if it is a personal choice?

Might as well be promoting a pack of Marlboros.


And yet again we have a new entrant for the crappiest product marketing video. Bouncy music, hip dudes and dudettes, clouds of smoke, a short close up of some dimples, flashing the item in the sunlight at a distance from the camera, but never a close-up while the product is actually still and not moving, and so on. But no slow close-up shots of the various parts of the product so one can actually see what it is. No view of where the weed is placed, no view of the mouthpiece. No doubt someone will be along to tell me it’s a teaser / brand values advert designed to entice me to find out more for myself. Well, thanks for making me do your work, marketeers - which I wouldn’t have to do if just 10-20 seconds of that video had been allocated to some static close-ups of the bits I mentioned above.

Yes, it’s a bad lawn day, too. :wink:

ETA and so I did go to the BB shop and viewed the Tommy Chong video. Ye gods - that’s even worse. Great, so Tommy likes it, and his recommendation may be worth something, but he actually describes things (sleek design, slide off cover, and so on) without there being a single cut to a close-up to show what he’s talking about. When he says what a great design it is he’s waving it about and it probably takes up less than 1% of the screen, so basically the “great design” is just a few moving pixels.

Whoever is in charge of product marketing deliverables at Genius needs replacing.


How easy to clean is it?


That’s just such wrong-minded advice.

If you’re concerned about the health effects of vaping in particular (as opposed to those you’d also see from traditional smoking), all off the issues are tied to the use of liquid extracts. So…

Just use a dry-flower vape.


I think the most important question is not being answered.

will this replace the flowers in a glass tube you can buy at the local soulless corner store? and by that I mean should I buy this so I look like the coolest hipster when I develop my future crack habit?

(as for wether this is the same as bOING promoting a pack of cigs. its not. its the same as bOING promoting a really neato high tech pack of cigs. get it straight)

A new low for the boingboingshop. Don’t sell this shit. It’s beneath you.


Vapor Genie. There is no other.


Never thought an online store selling a weed pipe would cause so much angst. BoingBoing selling marijuana paraphernalia? Oh my stars and garters!


I don’t think this product is meant for the non-wacky tobaccy :wink:


Ahhh…I don’t smoke ANYTHING so I didn’t get that.

Still, I’d rather folks ingest edibles because smoking ANYTHING is bad for your lungs!!! No reputable site should be promoting smoking of anything…so next time there is an alarmist health scare here…we should post this.

I think it would be alarmist if we are seeing a product associated with health problems and deaths, but we don’t know the materials or mechanism causing them.

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That’s the kind of marketing you use when you don’t have a working prototype yet. Just trying to get customer money early so they have the cash/ ability to persuade a VC to actually build what they promised.
That’s how you market vaporware.
If you actually HAVE a working prototype, yes, you feature that front and center in loving close-up. I don’t know if they have one or not, but their ad campaign is making me think not.

No, they have it. As usual, the retailer’s videos are much more informative. I watched a couple earlier.

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“For tobacco use only”

Dammit. That would be perfect for smoking the dried, budding flowers of the cannabis plant to achieve a psychoactive effect!

Oh well.


Bets on how many bowls you could smoke through this before it’s completely clogged?


Huh. Interesting. I hadn’t checked out the actual product page since I’m not in the market for this.

But I think it’s interesting because in the ad copy they say:

Both of which – to me at least – implies this pipe is versatile

I wonder if it’s just a CYA legal tactic so they can sell in states that haven’t legalized weed? But I also wonder if it allows them to refuse refunds if it was used for anything other than tobacco?

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CYA seems very likely.


They’re just miffed it’s not a Twisty Blunt.