I'm Johnny Cash, and I'm pissed at my daughter for getting a speeding ticket


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Was it in his '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56, ‘57, ‘58’, 59’ Cadillac?


In the Toronto of my youth we had “Johnny Cash” ATMs…

Not even joking.


Perhaps he was disappointed she wasn’t on drugs while speeding.


Disappointed she was speeding, of that she got caught?


Disappointed she didn’t hit any of those damn yellow buzzards


actually, that is was only 102 mph. Johnny thought he’d bought her a better car than that.

… and does this mean the original “Man in Black” wore black around the house, too?


102 mph in his car."

That’s my kinda gal.


He reduced the population of California condors in Los Padres National Forest from 53 to 4 when his camper caught fire. Sorry, can’t edit the post for some reason, just felt like clarifying.


The Man in Black looked to be in a very dark mood…

Probably frustrated because he lacked standing to lecture his girl. No saint in his younger days…which, of course, was a major facet of his greatness.


I’m kind of disturbed at people thinking that the man couldn’t have been genuinely (if hypocritically) concerned about the danger that his daughter had put herself in. Being a daredevil at a younger age doesn’t preclude having parental instincts at a later date.


At least it wasn’t a Hot Rod Lincoln…


For a long time afterward the only way she could get around was by taking a Johnny Cab.


[Johnny Cash was] talking but she don’t hear a thing
She was still uptown on her downhill swing
Boulevard’s empty… so what did it matter she was doing 102?


i would NOT want to have johnny cash that angry with me, that’s for sure.


You may be angry… but you’ll never be Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush angry.


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