"I'm not a progressive," says John Fetterman, elected while frequently saying he was a progressive

… well he’ll have plenty of time to change his mind and try out different labels before the next time he has to face the voters again

Did he vote for something bad recently :confused:




Ugh. I’m disappointed in some of his recent choices. I definitely feel like some of his statements are a slap in the face for those of us who donated, campaigned, called, and carried his large frame into office. But Cheung’s choice to describe him as just next to Ted Cruz is a bit much. I’m gonna stay mad at the man right now but he’s got a long way to go before I’m that mad!


I don’t trust anything written and published in the media right now frankly.

I’m sick of being manipulated with salty propaganda and online outrage click bait. I’m also sick of being gaslit and patronized too.

Fetterman can negotiate his position with others on Israel at his job and that’s literally what his job is. No one pinned him down and made him swear fealty to the cause of the Palestinians when he called himself a “progressive.” I wish people, in general, weren’t so easy to manipulate with words and memes.


How about the Senator’s public statements published on his official Senate web page?


Has he ever claimed to be Progressive about Palestine though? That’s what I would want to know… like that would actually be interesting to find.

The statement you posted is consistent with what I would have expected from him.

I’m actually amazed the degree to which I can see US policy shifting on this issue though. Like I actually didn’t expect that.


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