Immigration officers raid Good Samaritan Family Resource Center in San Francisco's Mission District


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President Trump on Wednesday, as part of his executive order vowing punishments for Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, promised to publish a weekly lists of crimes allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants in these cities.

I wonder what a similar weekly list of crimes allegedly committed by Donald Trump and his staff members would look like.


Good Samaritan Family Resource Center

Jesus Fucking Christ!


Probably about the same, but with the words “Presidential Pardon Issued” at the end of each line.


Ah so this is the “Family Values” the TGOP goes on about! Good to know!


In defense of the ICE officers, bungling into the wrong building was an honest mistake. “Good Samaritan Family Resource Center” sounds like just the kind of place that would harbour dangerous criminals.


Institutional sociopathy in action.


Decent people root for the underdog. Decent people see the value of helping people up. Decent people feel good when they protect those who need protection. Decent people know they’re not perfect, and neither is anybody else. Decent people admire those who serve others. Decent people would rather be loved than feared.

And then there are Trump people.


…adult English-language classes…

There’s your probable cause.


arrested for learning while brown


I sickened by the news I’ve been reading this last week. I think the only thing I have to say is this:

I Hate Illinois Nazis


We created a system that allows if not encourages people to come here illegally – to work, primarily. They didn’t come for out interstate highway system or our parks or to rape someone. They came to fucking work. Because your neighbor running a restaurant or a landscaping business or a general contractor business is willing to hire people with no working papers and pay them under the table.


Ungovernable 2017: A Program For The Future
1. Build Self-Defense Committees and Educational Campaigns to protect our communities from state and reactionary militia repression and terror.
2. Build Sanctuary Networks to Defend Immigrants, Muslims, Organizers and the Persecuted.
3. Build Autonomous Communication and Information Sharing Institutions and Networks to ensure safe and direct connection amongst the people in our communities and networks.
4. Build Broad Civil Action Units to engage in Massive Civil Disobedience, Occupation and General Strike Actions to stop the advance of political and economic reaction.


I believe Samaratania is on that list of countries Trump doesn’t like so this was to be expected.


Move along etc.

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