Imogen Heap's musical gloves


I am so not the kind of person that says things like this, but she is one of my favorite people on the planet right now.


Interview is best heard in stereo headphones.


Could someone who knows post a link to her using this tech. to make music? It looks very cool! edit:

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Jesus she’s cool. :slight_smile:

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Giving greater power to jazz hands.


Sounds something like the gloves Trademark G. of the Evolution Control Committee uses.

It reminds me a lot of “The Hands” by Michael Waisvisz of STEIM ( Very nice!

Cool. Future the next.

Wasn’t Marillion doing this 25 years ago?

To add another ‘it reminds me of’ :Laetitia Sonami
Her first pair in 1991 were built on a pair of rubber gloves. Nice :wink:

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Oh, the hours of configuring these to your instruments. And then, how time flies as you use them.

I am building something far simpler for my bass guitar, mapping nine controls on the amplifier to three knobs on the bass. Nothing fancy compared to Imogen’s project. But holy crap, I’ve been fiddling with it for almost a year now and it’s far from being stage ready.

Most of the time defining and solving a technical problem in detail won’t really feel right once you play it as a musical instrument.

She’s got stamina, folks. Great effort, and obviously a great instrument.

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Cool! She developed her “gloves” with sponsorship by Steim (and she used software developed by Steim).

Reminds me of a similar project that I saw at the University of Illinois some twenty or so years ago that used the Nintendo Power Glove. These look very cool… also very expensive.

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Not really. I think h’s gloves were ‘simply’ wireless midi triggers.

Some extraordinary smart technical application I have found here, thanks Sean, thanks a lot for sharing such an innovative video with us. This is really an unique idea.

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Go Im!

I friggin’ LOVE Imogen Heap. Have ever since I discovered Frou Frou. And this is just a neat idea.

That last bit with her performing on stage gave me a pretty healthy cyberpunk flashback… am I allowed to have flashbacks of a future that never was?


That future that never was is very very quickly spiraling toward us these days, it seems. I had always pegged “cyberpunk” as about 2020ish and beyond, I think we’re well on track.