Here we go!

“As soon as we have the facts, we’re ready. Now that we have the facts, we’re ready,” Pelosi said at a forum hosted by The Atlantic. “For later today.”


Copied from the Guardian’s news feed:

Joe Biden made a point in his statement on the Ukraine controversy to emphasize that Congress should only launch impeachment proceedings if Trump continues to obstruct House Democrats’ investigations.

“The president should stop stonewalling this investigation and all the other investigations of his wrongdoing,” Biden said. “Using its full Constitutional authority, Congress should demand the information it has a legal right to receive.

“And if the President does not comply — if he continues to obstruct Congress and flout the law — Donald Trump will leave Congress no choice but to initiate impeachment.”

way to be wishy-washy Joe. He’s out-slow-pedaling Pelosi!


Wait, what? Pelosi? Impeachment? What is going on?

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It appears that the president himself has returned to Trump Tower, from the UN General Assembly, to tune in to Nancy Pelosi ’s 5 p.m. announcement.

Looks like it will be streamed here:

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About bloody time!

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Is the senate beginning to come around?

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No. No it is not.

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Browsing Twitter feeds just now I’m seeing such joy.

I hope it’s worth it.

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Here’s the transcript of the Ukraine call, fwiw:

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Just a reminder, from history:

When it wasn’t accepted, Nixon initiated the Saturday Night Massacre.


Pompeo says State Dept. officials won’t show up for scheduled impeachment depositions this week

The refusal, in a letter to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.), described the demand for depositions by five officials who played a role in U.S. relations with Ukraine as “an attempt to intimidate, bully, and treat improperly, the distinguished professionals of the Department of State.”

One of the takeaways from this administration is going to be “hey, we need to have laws governing our elected officials that actually have teeth, because Trump & Friends figured out they could just ignore depositions and not show up, and get away with it.”

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