Impersonation of a distillery tour in Scotland

Did the US sign that treaty? I don’t think we did. Not that anyone here is trying to label things as scotch, but you get Korbel California champagne, eg.


Curious how many replies i got to just haplessly trying to clarify what the talented woman said.
I don’t know nuth’n 'bout no distillirated drinks! It was she who said:

"If it’s ‘Scotch’, that means it’s American… and is pish"

eh, Serves me right for being a Scottish accent whisperer. (Irn-bru is still the unholy offspring of cotton-candy, (excuse me: “candy-floss”) and an orange throat lozenge)


Tastes like mud is right. I love me a nice Glengoyne or Abernour, but the peat arms race went beyond the threshold of palatability some years ago.

I’ve often thought of putting together a mix of grain alcohol, food coloring, and a couple of marinated cigar butts to see if I can put one over on the peat snobs.

And don’t get me started on the hops arms race in microbrews.

Or the Scoville arms race in hot sauces, either.


i’m confused because, i don’t claim to be a whisperer, although i have dated two women from scotland… and it sounds, to me, as if she was making a joke… because it is uncouth to refer to “Scotch Whisky” as “Scotch” in Scotland… because it, the whisky, is just plain “Whisky” in Scotland. So if you’re calling it “Scotch” you’re obviously American.

No different than folks outside of “The Bay Area” calling the city of San Francisco “Frisco”. Nothing’s gonna out yourself as a tourist more than calling it “Frisco” or “San Fran”.

It’s not curious to me why you got so many replies… I think you simply didn’t get the joke this comedienne was telling.

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probably, if it’s from Tullahoma.


you forgot the iron girders


Why send the yanks the good stuff? They’ll only mix it with coke or ice or something.

Anyway, the real drink of Scotland is made by monks in Devon.


Not just that, if you wanted to specify it’s local stuff you would call it “Scottish whisky”, not Scotch or Scotch whisky. “Scotch” as an adjective is a weird archaism that has only survived in America it seems.

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I see what you did there.


It survives in England, for whisky, eggs and mist: and you still sometimes see it in Scotland for pies (though they may also be variously described as simply “steak”, “mutton”, or the unsettlingly vague “meat”).


And, of course, there’s this traditional Christmas classic:


It even spawned its own episode of the Scottish TV comedy Rab C Nesbitt and is known locally by several pet names: Buckie Baracas, a bottle of “what the hell are you looking at?”, Wreck the Hoose Juice and Coatbridge Table Wine.

Page won’t onebox…


Their ads have always been funny and high quality- They did a few on the theme of the first one you posted, sending up the very American Coke and Pepsi ads of that era.

Another one I remember is this one, where they did a parody of Weird Al, using one of his rare non-parody songs.

(This is the only video I can find of this one, sorry about the obnoxious edit that they’ve added to point out the joke.)


She is the best


Nice catch. Thanks! I’ve heard of the movie, never seen it, now I plan to.

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