Impromptu train station duet goes viral: Pianist and violinist take on Vivaldi's 'Summer'

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It looks like they’ve both practiced a lot.


There are way too many of these “impromptu” duets on TikTok for me to believe they aren’t all staged. It’s still some impressive playing, but I do not believe for a second that it wasn’t planned. It’s a whole genre of TikTok video.



still lovely … but yeah … planned

I see where you’re coming from – I see a lot of visual “artists” on IG and TikTok that make me wonder if they’re the real deal or just a scam to get more followers, because “pretty girl” in a flattering pose next to a big piece of art.

Though, I can see how this could be a fortuitous meeting. He’s already there to do his promo, and maybe she was there to busk? :man_shrugging:

Unless they each owned one of the phones, and the editing shows intent, so… :thinking:

ETA: Just to clarify, I am fine with what they’re doing, because we can see them doing it. Contrary to “fakers” in social media, they’re stealing nobody’s thunder. :+1:

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“Surprise” duets with incredible musicians seems to be a bit of a theme for this guys so I’m with you there.

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Impromptu or staged, I don’t care. It was absolutely beautiful. Such lovely music, played so passionately. Hearing this really gave me a boost. Thanks for posting, @carlasinclair.

A reminder that busking can be tough, even if you’re world-famous:


Busking is awesome, and I fully support it. I just don’t like being manipulated into believing something occurred organically when I doubt very seriously if it did. But I get it. It’s a business, and you gotta feed the algorithm if you want your video to get the views so you can make a living. I should let it go. They didn’t make this system, they’re just trying to work it.

I’m right there with you.

It was lovely; so who gives really gives a damn if it was “spontaneous” or not?


It actually is plausible, but only if the pianist’s regular work involves frequently accompanying students. The orchestra reduction for a violin concerto isn’t something most pianists would know off the top of their head unless they did that kind of work all the time. But it’s such a standard piece that every serious violin student learns that it could happen.


I don’t care if it was planned. It was beautiful.


So much negative shade for a lovely moment which did no-one any harm. I say Bravo!


That’s by far the best pianist I’ve heard playing one of those pianos, there’s actually two down that part, where the Eurostar boards.

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She’s probably going to miss her train.

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