In 1932, 9-year-old Lennie Gwyther rode 600 miles to see the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Kindness of strangers, a little publicity, and a self-sufficient kid. Super story.

It reminds me a little bit of a 2015 story here.

It also reminds me of a visit to New Zealand a while back. My wife and I were out to paddle a rural river. On the way back we spotted a group of kids (maybe 8, 10yrs old), with horse, who had ridden into town, evidently for ice cream.

Shame we can’t all set off on adventures more often like Lennie did. But it does remind me (hmm… that word third time) of the enjoyment I get from traveling with a bit of purpose; to see something specific or attend a locally important event.


After all that buildup, I was hoping to hear more about the bridge.

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