In 1977, a German tourist spent three days in Bangor, Maine, thinking it was San Francisco

That’s 'Salem’s Lot territory. Beware.

Meanwhile, The Russians Are Coming! was filmed just north of there. Seen any Soviet subs around lately?


Except everyone knows The Russians are Coming was set on Amity Island, like father like son, or was it grandson?

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Dr Kubler-Ross was in the vicinity too. Surrender to the void.

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I think she significantly added to the murder rates of NYC, Chicago and San Francisco as well. But the Cabot Cover body count was enough to leave you wondering how they kept essential services going.

It was specifically Cabot Cove.

I hadn’t realized she was away so much.

Season 1 had a lot of traveling - I’d guess this was largely out of necessity while they were working out the show formula and figuring out what they wanted to do with the location. Seasons 2-7 were largely based in Cabot Cove.

Starting with season 8 after Lansbury became an Executive Producer, things were changed up a bit to freshen up the formula. She moved part-time to NY and there were also several episodes about other characters where Lansbury would just give an intro and wouldn’t otherwise appear. Even so, there were still plenty of Cabot Cove episodes even in the later seasons.

(As an aside, Murder She Wrote was like the Law & Order of its day for featuring so many actors that would later become big stars. It’s pretty fun watching those episodes and recognizing so many actors before they broke out.)

Well, they do call Bangor the Vladivostok of New England, after all.

no, but there was the matching truss bridge and trestle spanning the penobscot which i can tell you as a native son could easily be mistaken in their architectural glory for that other wonder of the modern world.


there is also a moscow, maine. no time to name things creatively, i guess, and white people can’t be bothered to pronounce the original names.

this is a common postcard image in maine:


The lack of a Golden Gate Bridge should have been a giveaway - plus the lack of cars flying through the air during the 24/7 car chases.


Every few years, there’s a story:


If you’re in Outer Sunset you won’t notice much except the ocean and signs for the Zoo.

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Only when the fog clears around noon.

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