Things about 2017 that don't suck


I spent NYE chatting to a very nice woman wearing a very slinky dress.


Very nice. :slight_smile:

And safe, too. She’ll never get injured falling down a flight of stairs wearing that.
Escalators could be a problem though?


Wow her with your knowledge of maths: 2017 is prime, so there’s that




Metal or plastic?


I’ll be insured and therefore won’t go bankrupt when I get my epidermal lesion beneath my birthmark removed on Tuesday January 3.


I have lucked out - the first floor apartment beneath me here in Tijuana has been vacated, and the landlord has allowed me to trade.
A little smaller and darker, but it’s in much better fundamental shape than the top floor apartment, with a nice paint job inside.


Last prime number year for another ten years. 2027 is the next one.


I adore your optimism!


Two years into MechaHitler’s second term.


It was that coating of sensitive hairs that just made him too adorable to hate.



Really folks, we have the best factors for 2027. Some of my enemies lost so badly they think it’s irreducible. Sad!




“She had me head over heels over head over heels over head over…”


Drawing breath, there’s that. Start with the basics :slight_smile:


And the constipation seems to have loosened up. So there’s that.

Baby steps!


This can get you started.