In 1977, the Sex Pistols played their last UK gig: a Christmas show for children

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Bunch of good buggers they were.


In '77 it was the Silver Jubilee and I was in boarding school in Dulwich in South London. About the same age as those kids maybe, I listened to as much radio as I could. By then I wasn’t as interested in the Pistols as I was in The Stranglers (once I’d heard Peaches on the radio for the first time that year).

What’s odd is that with the coming of Brexit, I’ve begun to feel Britain moving back to those times perhaps. Things are starting to get bleak, chaotic, and unpredictable again.


Young kids, and we’re doing Bodies and they’re bursting out with laughter on the ‘fck this fck that’ verse. The correct response: not the shock horror ‘How dare you?’

Oh, I’ll bet it made him so sad when he shocked the normals. Just a tender soul, misunderstood.


I was born in 1965 and my gut feeling at the moment is that this is a repressive decade like the 1950s. The 2020s may be a reaction to that like the 1960s.


For now, I am very disappointed by the whole XXIe century.

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