Watch a 1977 Sex Pistols concert get shut down by London cops


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Whenever I see a picture of Sid, it reminds me of how very young he was when he died.


When I was a teen the Pistols were brilliant iconclasts. It breaks my heart to learn how much of that was marketing.


Hey, there’s Richard Branson! Cool.


Fine, we’ll do it your way.


Wait, what was that about the six pistils? On a boat?

They must have had a lot of stamena.


Despite the marketing and the non-punk hipsters visible here (dtawing Temple’s camera, too) to take in this latest scene, I always think of how many musicians later said that seeing the Sex Pistols play inspired them to form a band.

Probably partly I’m sure because if the SP could do it, it seemed like anyone could, but there was also a galvanizing jolt to them, maybe?


That’s what I thought! Confirmed?


This was shortly after Richard Branson signed the Sex Pistols (who had already been signed and then dropped by both EMI and A&M1)) to Virgin Records. Of course he was there, he was the host.

1) You’d think that the Sex Pistols would have made a nice Kontrapunkt to all the easy listening in A&M’s catalogue. Well, I’d think that, anyway. Herb Alpert and Alien Sex Fiend sit side by side on my CD shelf.


When the Sex Pistols played at Randy’s Rodeo in San Antonio, everyone I knew in Austin was there and eventually we were all in bands, The Austin music scene exploded.


Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


:sob: :sob:


I feel like I got to push back on that. McLaren was really into the situationists in France, and was interested disruptive culture. Jon Savages book on the Sex Pistols certainly doesn’t pull any punches, but it certainly makes clear that it wasn’t just a means of making money for McLaren. He genuinely seemed to embrace disruptive culture in the culture industries.



Yep! The text mentions that Virgin had just picked up the Sex Pistols, so it all adds up!




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