Punk pioneer and fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, RIP

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She was never punk, she just used the punk aesthetic to make money, she never cared about anything else

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Untrue – she cared about many subjects. Like many of us, she was flawed in the pursuit of her cares.


Sad news! Her role in the shop that she and McLaren started doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves. Much of the really weird stuff was from her experimenting. Without her creativity, there is not McLaren, I’d argue.

Literally no one said she was. Doesn’t mean she’s unimportant to the story, But thanks for shitting on a woman, I guess.


I saw her in person once- at a conference on human rights. She was a passionate supporter of a number of good causes, and will be missed.


Johnny Lydon was never punk, he just used the punk aesthetic to make money, he never cared about anything else.



I think Lydon got more cynical and angry as he aged… but that’s the thing that people always throw at people who they want to dismiss - that they’re just in it for the cash… However, I’m unsure why wanting to make a living at your job is such a evil thing to want… Plus, there is stuff like this:

So… maybe not completely money-grubbing?

And then Lydon goes on to do PIL which was an excellent band, far better than the SP, I think most agree. But you can hardly blame him for being angry about him feeling dicked over, cause he was kind of right. I don’t buy that McLaren was all about money other, but he ended up setting up a management contract that most certainly drove much of the profits from the band to him. Lydon didn’t.

Lydon felt like he got dicked over by McLaren at the time. He was not really part of the friend group prior to the band forming, and then he brought in a new member who was his friend, whose addiction got exacerbated by their fame, and who then died in an awful, and high profile way that has been overly mythologized and has taken over any actual historical narrative of what actually happened… a huge problem with popular music in general, but with punk especially. Sid couldn’t even really play his instrument…


The original song writer and bassist for the band on the connection between SEX and the band…



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